Jason Aldean and His Wife Brittany Show Off New “Anti-Biden” T-Shirts And Ignite Wildfire Online 

Jason Aldean and His Wife Brittany Show Off New “Anti-Biden” T-Shirts And Ignite Wildfire Online 

I am not a “country music” fan, I like some songs, but it’s not my go-to genre of music.


But with that said, I absolutely love Jason Aldean and his wife Brittany. Although, I couldn’t tell you a single song that Jason sings.

But I love their “screw the mob” attitude and how fearless they are. It’s so refreshing in this day and age.

And Brittany is just a gorgeous mommy.

Did you know Brittany was a contestant on American Idol?

I did not know she was a singer, but that’s actually how she met Jason.

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Brittany didn’t get far on American Idol, but if she hadn’t done that show she would have never met Jason.

Weird how life works out, isn’t it?

Here’s her tryout clip:

Now, besides music, the duo is best known for their outspoken, unapologetic feelings about the left and Joe Biden.

Needless to say, these two are 100 percent MAGA all the way, and we love that.

Jason even performed at President Trump’s Mara-A-Lago New Year’s Eve Party.


And they know how to trigger the left and push their buttons – not that it’s all that difficult to do.

But they really piss off the liberals with their line of anti-left t-shirts.

And they’ve got a couple of new ones that are really lighting up the internet.

I love that poem Jason’s wearing!

I voted Red, you voted Blue, don’t blame me, this sh*ts on you”

And Brittany cute pink shirt is very clever:

Alexa, change the President”

Just perfect!

And as always, their shirts lit a firestorm:

Jason Aldean and his wife, Brittany, claim to be so proud of their anti-Biden, pro-family “values” Wonder where those values were when he cheated on his then wife with Brittany the home-wrecker.”

“I am so sick of these two ignorant hillbillies” 

“Neither one of these two idiots know how stupid they really look” 

“Nothing like wearing a shirt that tells the world how low IQ you are” 

“She puts these shirts on her kids. That’s child abuse and a cult”

Oh, that last line is a real hoot, coming from the political party that murders the unborn and masks up the kids they allow to live, right?


I hope Jason and Brittany keep wearing these shirts because it definitely gets the commies on the left all choked up.

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