[VIDEO]Jen Psaki’s Story About Her “Masked Child” Gets Blown Out Of The Water in 10-Seconds Flat

[VIDEO]Jen Psaki’s Story About Her “Masked Child” Gets Blown Out Of The Water in 10-Seconds Flat

The left has really deluded themselves into believing that the public is actually happy living in this dystopian COVID nightmare they’ve created.


They think people actually want to get vaccinated and wear masks.

I’ll admit there is a small group of people who love this stuff, and those are left-wing fringe kooks.

But a majority of people are over it. That’s what polling shows, and that’s why Dems are now trying to back away from this madness they’ve created.

They’re getting killed in the polls. 

The problem is, the left has conditioned their most loyal followers to believe in the madness and anyone who goes against it is “denying science” and putting others in danger.

And these people are rabid, and completely out of control.

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It’s so bad now, that Dems have moved on to inflicting the madness on children, who have nearly a “zero” chance of being impacted by COVID.

And these poor kids have no say in the regulations being forced upon them and they surely don’t understand why their entire world’s been flipped upside down.

This is why it’s beyond comical when Jen Psaki claims kids love their masks.

She actually alluded to that during a press conference by claiming her kindergartner is happy to “wear a mask all day.”

Really Jen? 

Well, it now appears that not all kids share the same feelings as Psaki’s little tyke.

And this video puts Jen and her theory on blast.


Watch Jens’s comments and then watch how Las Vegas school children are excited beyond belief when their teacher tells them they no longer have to wear masks.

You can watch the video below:

Thanks to Dems, kids have forgotten what normal looks and feels like.

So, it’s no wonder that shedding their masks feels like a liberating moment.


It’s time for Dems to get out of the way, and allow all American kids to just be kids again.

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