Biden Supporter Jerry Harris Could Be Locked Up Longer Than Convicted Sex Offender Josh Duggar

Biden Supporter Jerry Harris Could Be Locked Up Longer Than Convicted Sex Offender Josh Duggar

You don’t hear a lot about the fall of disgraced child predator Jerry Harris, who was the star of the Netflix hit series “Cheer,” and a liberal darling. He was also a Biden surrogate during the 2020 campaign, and Biden slobbered all over him, even saying he wanted to “meet” with him.


Harris fell from grace when it was revealed he was sexually harassing minors, collecting child porn, and he’s even accused of rape.

But now, he’s pleaded guilty, and the once-beloved liberal “it boy” is now facing even more jail time than disgraced and disgusting monster Josh Duggar.

Radar Online reported that Netflix’s former Cheer star Jerry Harris could find himself locked up longer than convicted sex offender Josh Duggar after pleading guilty in his child pornography case.

The disgraced professional college cheerleader entered his guilty plea in Chicago Federal court on Thursday. According to the judge, Harris could be sentenced to 50 years behind bars — but he will find out his fate at a later date.

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The 22-year-old’s sentencing will be handed down during a hearing on June 28.

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As Radar reported, Harris was under investigation by the FBI. The ex-Cheer personality was accused of soliciting minors for sex in 2019. While he denied the allegations, he decided to change his initial not guilty plea on Thursday.

While Harris immediately became a fan-favorite on the competition cheer show with his gleeful spirit, that all changed when he was arrested for child porn in September 2020.

He was accused of a number of sex crimes including soliciting sex from teen boys at cheer competitions, coercing minors into sending him explicit photos, attempting to persuade a minor into giving him oral sex in a bathroom, as well as soliciting another for sex.


 According to the criminal complaint, Harris was 19 at the time. His alleged victims were just 13 years old.

While the judge has yet to slap Harris with his sentence, it’s worth pointing out that he faces significantly more time behind bars than Duggar.

In actuality, both monsters should rot in prison for the rest of their miserable lives.


Crimes against children are the worst of the worst and in my opinion, there is no “rehabilitation” for these types of monstrous predators.

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