[VIDEO] Many Americans Disturbed Over New Footage of Jill and Joe Walking Hand-in-Hand

[VIDEO] Many Americans Disturbed Over New Footage of Jill and Joe Walking Hand-in-Hand

There are a lot of questions surrounding the health and mental wellbeing of Joe Biden.


This is nothing new, questions have been swirling about his health since he announced he was running for president and things have only gotten worse as times went on.

Now, everything Joe Biden says or does it put under a microscope.

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The way he talks, what he does or doesn’t “remember,” how he walks and moves around – everything is looked at closely by folks on the right because it seems like nobody in the media notices what’s happening, even though we spent 4 years looking at every little thing Trump did.

So, it’s no wonder that a clip of Joe and Jill walking while holding hands is being scrutinized.

To supporters of Joe, the image may look like a loving wife and husband just holding hands.

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But to critics of Joe, who believe his health issues are being ignored by the media, this image looks like a frail man who needs his wife to lead him around.

And it scares many people because this is the so-called leader of the free world.

You can watch the video below:

Here’s what people online are saying:

“We aré DOOMED.”

“Sad and certainly depressing for the country.”

“This just screams power” 

“Man leader of the free world right there showing super strength…..”

“And he wants to run again LOL”

“This is called elder abuse, everyone” 

“He looks like that guy walking into a restaurant at 3:00 pm for the “blue-haired” special.”

“She told to Him ” Let’s go Brandon!!!”

“Putin is raising the white flag after this display of power.”

“You know this is playing on repeat on Russia primetime tv”

“Nursing home imminent.”

“Omg sad really. Doesnt have a clue. If Jill wasnt thete he would not know what to do”

“An elderly man & his caregiver” 

“Jill is wearing 2 masks”

“This is like watching someone at a nursing home winning bingo and he’s going to get his prize of extra pudding.”

“What an embarrassment. I see this and I fear for my country” 

And trust me, the memes are already starting…


The main issue at this point is that our media has ignored serious and valid questions about Joe’s health, and because of that, conspiracy theories run rampant.


And really, at this point, they can’t be called a “conspiracy,” because a recent poll shows that 49 percent of Americans don’t believe that Joe Biden is “mentally fit.”

So, what do you think this clip shows? A loving couple just holding hands or a wife helping her feeble husband?

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