[VIDEO] Joe Struggles to Hold Onto New Puppy “Commander,” Many Believe He “Kicked” The Dog

[VIDEO] Joe Struggles to Hold Onto New Puppy “Commander,” Many Believe He “Kicked” The Dog

There is nothing worse than using a dog as a prop. And that’s exactly what many people believe Joe Biden is doing with his newest dog, Commander.


The Bidens got the new German Sheppard puppy after they gave away their shelter dog Major, which they also used as a prop.

These are not “animal lovers,” they’re frauds who use pets for PR photos and it’s disgusting.

Biden made such a big deal about President Trump not having a dog, so he boxed himself into having to own one, and clearly, neither he nor Jill can take care of a dog, let alone one as big and active as a German Sheppard.

If they were to own a dog, they should probably have a Teacup Chihuahua… and even that’s questionable.

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In this latest video of Joe and Commander, you can tell Joe doesn’t know the first thing about caring for a dog and he’s so feeble and old, he certainly can’t control a strong, vivacious puppy.

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As Joe and Jill walked off Marine Force One, Joe was trying to look “all-American and presidential” by holding Commander’s leash, and the whole thing went terribly wrong.

Commander “commanded” frail old Joe with ease and basically dragged the old buffoon around like a rag doll.

Some people believe Joe “kicked” Commander during the fumble, I don’t see that, I saw Joe’s leg go up and maybe get tangled in the leash, but I didn’t see him actually “kick” the dog.

But, I’ll let you be the judge.

Regardless, I don’t think Joe should own an animal.

I also think Commander is a Trump supporter, and he’s trying like hell to get away from commie Joe.

I don’t blame him. Nobody wants to be seen with disgraced Joe Biden.


You can watch the video below:

Here’s what people online had to say:

“Animal abuse. Where’s the outrage from ASCPA!”

“These two have branded themselves as dog people- remember..”

“Biden can’t read from a teleprompter, stay awake, walk up stairs, or walk a dog”

“I am in love with this dog LOL” 

“Why would anyone let this ahull have another dog?”

“Remember that they got these dogs for photo ops and they are left in kennels most of the day.”

He kicked the dog now? Is this the first one he got rid of, the second one he got rid of, or a third dog? We shouldn’t be surprised when he loves #Fauci, the dog torturer!”

“I saw him kick that dog. Video doesn’t lie”

“Joe the animal abuser. He’s just an angry confused old man” 

“This Dementia patient has no business owning a dog” 

Everything these two touch turns to sh*t because they’re frauds…


And frauds never prosper — we can see right through this entire sham.

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