Joe Biden Revives His Promise to “Cure Cancer” And it Backfires in His Face

Joe Biden Revives His Promise to “Cure Cancer” And it Backfires in His Face

Joe Biden’s Handlers are doing everything they can to bump up Joe’s polls.


They’re even dragging out Joe’s old campaign promise about “curing cancer.”

I’m sure he’s trying to rally all Americans around the cause – after all, who wouldn’t want there to be a “cure” to cancer – even though many people believe there actually is a cure and the evil ghouls at big Pharma are keeping it from the public to continue making money – but the problem for Joe is that his plan to “cure cancer” is a stark reminder of how he could not “cure” COVID as he also promised.

What a mess.

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Joe made an enormous mess of all things COVID and the only people who came out on top were Amazon and Big Pharma.

So, when Joe’s Handlers put out this “cancer” tweet it really backfired.

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Here’s what Joe’s Handler said: “I’ve formed a new Cancer Cabinet, which will be convened in the coming weeks. They will drive the whole-of-government effort to unleash every possibility within our power to end cancer as we know it.”

Here’s what folks online had to say:

“This time the government will win, I just know it!”

“I voted for this clown and I just want to afford f*kning chicken wings and he’s talking about this sh*t?” 

“They’re going to make cancer worse, aren’t they?”

“Why do I feel like another vaccine is on the way?”

“Oh great, with this guy leading the way, we’ll need 78 booster shots” 

“Should somebody tell Joe that there’s more than one type of cancer, or nah?” 

“Wouldn’t it be easier to fix the economy and bare store shelves first?” 

“This will never happen. It’s all for show. Why did I vote for this guy?” 

“You already have one cabinet that specializes in death do you really need another?”

“You know your presidency is failing when you literally have to cure cancer to get your poll numbers back up”

“The most deadly thing I can think of…the Government as your doctor!”

“Okay, how about the border crisis?”

“Keep in mind what he did for COVID.”

“This sounds all well and good, but there’s more money in treating cancer rather than curing it. Never gonna happen. And DEFINITELY not once the government gets involved.”

“Dude, you promised to beat COVID and its worse now with more dead than when you got there. For the sake of our loved ones, please don’t do this”

“This is just a Political PLOY… a distraction from the SELF INFLICTED DESTRUCTION of the OUR COUNTRY that YOU have PERPETRATED! How about following the LAW! STOP ILLEGALS! CLOSE The SOUTHERN BORDER!”

“I’m a Democrat and this tweet sounds very desperate to me. Frustrating that he can’t get back on track” 

Ideally, we’d all love to see cancer cured.


But right now, we’d rather see the supply chain fixed, the border secured, and these useless mandates lifted so every American can go back to work.

The American people are savvy, and we see through this lame “political PR” move, Joe.

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