Someone Notices Something Odd About Joe and Jill’s Olympic Photo…What’s in Joe’s Hand?

Someone Notices Something Odd About Joe and Jill’s Olympic Photo…What’s in Joe’s Hand?

The 2022 Winter Olympics have been an absolute disaster.


It’s unthinkable, after what we’ve been through, thanks to COVID, and everything else the Chinese stand for, that we’d even take part in this sham Olympics, but of course, Biden is owned by China, so he can’t do anything to go against them.

The ratings are a complete flop.

Yahoo News reported that television ratings for the Beijing Olympics are off by 50 percent from PyeongChang levels in 2018, which themselves were well below the levels of Winter Olympics past. But to hear the International Olympic Committee tell it, there’s no problem, no problem at all.

According to IOC data, approximately half a billion people watched the Opening Ceremony around the world, and roughly 2 billion have watched some portion of the Olympics at some point in the succeeding week and a half.

In the United States, though, with the exception of the post-Super Bowl bump, ratings for the Games have bounced off the bottom of the ocean floor at historic lows. Just 16 million people tuned in for the Opening Ceremony, 43 percent below the 2018 Games in a similar time zone.

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Pick a reason for the Olympics’ ratings dive, and it’s probably on point. Some would-be viewers are protesting the choice of China as a host nation for what the United States says are extensive human rights abuses. Others aren’t connecting with this crop of Olympians the way they did with, say, Michael Phelps or the Fierce Five. And the entire Olympics has a sterile feel, thanks to China’s “closed loop” system that’s keeping athletes, officials and media locked up and isolated and fans out of the stands. NBC’s morning shows and Olympics hosts can’t broadcast live from China because of the restrictions, further distancing the viewer from the action.

Even so, Joe and Jill are still trying to pump up the games.

That’s right, two of the most unpopular people in the United States are trying to boost the most unpopular Olympics. It makes perfect sense when you think about it.

But sadly for Jill and Joe, their latest PR stunt was a huge flop for many reasons.


The duo got dressed up in their Olympic “swag” and took what many are calling a really awkward photo.

But one person online noticed something odd in Joe’s hand.

They think it’s a “medical alert” device. I don’t know about that, but it doesn’t look like a phone, that’s for sure.

Here’s what they said:

“Is that a medical alert item in his hand? It looks like it has two antennas.”

Here’s a closeup photo:

Whatever it is, looks like it has a big rubber antenna.

Maybe a walkie-talkie? Perhaps that’s how he communicates with his Handlers?

Who knows – everything about these two is bizarre.

And as you can imagine, there were a lot of comments about the photo.

Many people are convinced the picture is photoshopped.

Here’s what they said:

“If Jill makes one move, Joe topples over”

“Weekend At Bernie’s- What flunky photoshopped this?”

“Why is Joe barely standing up like this?”

“It looks like Jill is holding this old geezer up”

“They look like two idiots in those outfits. Especially the dementia patient.”

“This photo looks really fake”

“Why is everything these two do so damn weird and unnatural?”

“Did you get free crack pipes with those nice jackets Cornpop?”

“A photoshopped JOKE PHOTO!!! How sick is this?!?!”

“This looks so photoshopped! Everything they do is disingenuous!”

I agree the photo looks very “fake” and plastic. But I think that’s just how Joe and Jill are.


There’s not a genuine bone in their swampy old bodies.

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