“Rumble” Just Changed The Game For Joe Rogan

“Rumble” Just Changed The Game For Joe Rogan

There are a lot of controversies right now surrounding Joe Rogan.


It’s all very political, as the left digs deeply into their bag of tricks to cancel the man who is unraveling many of their narratives.

It’s all played out how you’d imagine it would.

First, they target their prey, call him a fringe kook spreading “misinformation,” and label him dangerous, and when that doesn’t work, they dig up past video clips of him using the N-word.

It’s always the cherry on top of their cancel sundae.

Now, that’s not to say that Rogan should be excused for using such a vile word. Some people will say, “Well, rappers say that word all the time so how bad can it be?”

Poppycock. I’d argue that most black Americans don’t agree with that either.

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Many white people have used that word and done so in what they call “context” to get their point across.

Joe Biden is one of those white people.

Again, this is not validation for using that word ever, but it’s a fact that we can’t ignore, especially when past statements are so often used as weapons of mass destruction.

Watch (warning offensive language):

What this young lady said in her tweet is what I am trying to say:

“We canceling Joe Rogan but there’s a video on twitter circulating on twitter of Joe Biden dropping the N word back in the day…..we can’t be selective on shit is what I’m saying”


For me, I’d like to get to a place in life, where we don’t dig up everyone’s past and use it as the sword of death on them. I’d like to not have to play this back-n-forth game anymore, where we’re all digging up everything we can on anyone and everyone to prove our point. The whole thing has gotten so out of control on both sides. I’m guilty of it – many of us are.

I’d also like to think that most people realize that dressing up in blackface and using the N-word is offensive and if they did it in the past, they’ve learned a lesson and won’t do it again, but if they do, then they should be called out in “real-time.”


Everyone has made mistakes and did and said things that were wrong. Everyone. Doesn’t matter what side of the aisle you’re on. I just saw a video of the NYC mayor calling white people “crackers.”

He without sin cast the first stone, right? 

Spotify has said they will not “cancel” Joe Rogan, and they’re now vowing to spend $100 million on giving “marginalized voices” a platform.

But this isn’t the end. The left smells blood in the water, and they believe Joe Rogan is weak (because he keeps apologizing), so they’ll keep pushing to get rid of Joe. I am just waiting for the women to come out and claim that he “sexually harassed or assaulted” them a decade ago. You know that will be coming next.

So, conservative video platform “Rumble” has just jumped into the fray and made Joe an offer that he probably shouldn’t refuse, but most likely will refuse.

Rumble CEO Chris Pavlovski posted an offer letter to Joe Rogan on Twitter.

He’s offering Rogan $100 million over four years to bring “The Joe Rogan Experience” to his platform.

Here’s what he said: “Hey Joe Rogan we are ready to fight alongside you.”

If Joe really understood how the left is, and how they fight, he’d jump at this offer and make the move to Rumble.

But I don’t think he “gets it.” Joe is an “accidental fighter.” He didn’t really mean for this to happen. He’s just a Bernie Bro who loves to smoke weed and shoot the sh*t with people he finds interesting.


I don’t think he wanted this, I don’t think he understands what the left can and will do, and I believe he thinks he can “apologize” his way out of this.

Boy, is he about to learn a very hard and painful lesson, right?

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