[VIDEO] Judge Just Sided With Freedom Truckers And Delivered Massive Blow to Ottawa Police 

[VIDEO] Judge Just Sided With Freedom Truckers And Delivered Massive Blow to Ottawa Police 

The Freedom Truckers have been locked in battle with the tyrannical Ottawa police over gasoline, of all things.


But it was a strategic move by Team Tyranny.

Newsweek reported that in an effort to put an end to the anti-government demonstrations in Canada’s capital, Ottawa police have seized thousands of liters of fuel from the protesting truckers who have occupied the city’s downtown core for more than a week.

On Sunday evening, dozens of heavily armed police officers moved into a parking lot at the Ottawa Baseball Stadium—which has become a staging area for protesters—and removed 3,200 liters (845 gallons) of fuel being stored to supply truckers, according to local media outlets.

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By choking off the fuel supply of the “Freedom Convoy” demonstrators demanding an end to all federal and provincial COVID-related mandates, authorities in Ottawa are hoping to break up the protests that have created a massive disturbance for many local residents and businesses.

Police immediately began informing truck drivers they would not be allowed to refuel after midnight and warned that “anyone attempting to bring material supports (gas, etc.) to the demonstrators could be subject to arrest.”

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But their little plan to crush peaceful protest by the middle-class has failed.


A judge just swooped in and ordered the Ottawa police to return every single drop of gasoline back to the Freedom Truckers.


Justin Trudeau is finding out that the so-called “fringe” protest that he mocked a couple of weeks ago, and has been hiding from ever since is ready to bring him and his tyrannical policies down.

It’s a battle of middle-class Canadians versus communist elites.


My money is on the middle-class.

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