[VIDEO] Liberal Piers Morgan Warns The World About “Fascist” Justin Trudeau

[VIDEO] Liberal Piers Morgan Warns The World About “Fascist” Justin Trudeau

Liberal Piers Morgan isn’t a fan of Justin Trudeau. He never has been, but Trudeau’s latest communist shenanigans have sent Piers over the edge.


Like many common-sense liberals, such as Bill Maher, Piers is horrified by what Justin is doing to Canada over peaceful, middle-class protesters who just want the “unscientific” insanity to stop.

Justin, who called the Freedom Truckers “small and fringe,” to start out with, suddenly did a complete about-face and unleashed the Emergencies Act upon his own people, essentially turning Canada into a communist police state under martial law.

People’s bank accounts are even being frozen.

Justin has never treated radical Islamic terrorists like this, and he not only embraced BLM thugs, he knelt with them.

But hardworking truckers get the “gulag” treatment.

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Piers calls this “fascism,” but it’s actually not that – it’s communism.

And while neither one is “good,” it’s important to recognize the difference, because today’s progressive globalist is a communist at heart, and that’s who’s currently controlling the Democrat Party here in the US and other liberal parties abroad.

Piers doesn’t support the Freedom Truckers movement in terms of what they’re fighting for, but he believes that they have every right to assemble and protest peacefully and Justin Trudeau has shown his “true colors” with this latest radical move.


You can watch the video below:


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Many people are perplexed how Justin went from floppy-haired peace pipe-smoker to radical commie overnight.

But it’s not a “transition” at all.

He was made for this.

I found this video online that should explain everything for you.



Pretty eye-opening, right?

Nobody should have questions about who Trudeau is or his goals after seeing what he’s doing in Canada, and watching this clip.

All the cards are now on the table.

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