[VIDEO] Trudeau’s Brother Says Justin is a “Puppet” for The Globalists and a “Weak Leader”

[VIDEO] Trudeau’s Brother Says Justin is a “Puppet” for The Globalists and a “Weak Leader”

Well, you know you’re in trouble when your own brother is coming out against your cruddy policies.


We saw that happen to Barack Obama while he was president, and now we’re seeing the same thing happen to tyrannical communist Justin Trudeau.

Kyle Kemper is the son of Margaret Trudeau. His mother is Margaret Trudeau and his father is her second husband, Fred Kemper, and he’s the half-brother of Justin Trudeau and he is not a fan of the Canadian Prime Minister or his policies.

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Kemper says that Justin is a “puppet” for the globalists and the “New World Order” and he’s speaking out against Justin’s vaccine mandates.

This is probably the last thing Justin wants to deal with right now as he hunkers down in hiding from his own people like a complete and total coward.

The #FreedomTruckers are still in Ottawa, even as Justin unleashes the long arm of the law on them for peacefully protesting his tyrannical vaccine mandates and passports.

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You can watch the video below:

100 Percent Fed Up reported that Kyle Kemper has openly opposed Justin Trudeau’s Covid vaccination mandates.  When asked about his reluctance to hear the points of views of millions of Canadians who are protesting for their freedom, he responded, “Justin is the leader of the Liberal Party, and everything that’s coming out of his mouth right now is written. All of his tweets are being produced by a team. He is the face and the lead spokesperson for the Canadian government but the policy and the initiatives that are driving it, and are driving this narrative which he continues to push, which in my opinion, is on the side of anti-Canadian and anti-freedom, are coming down from the higher-ups.” His half-brother cited globalist groups “like the World Economic Forum, the Council on Foreign Relations, and Bilderberg” that are driving the Canadian Prime Minister’s anti-freedom narrative.

Trudeau is “not speaking from his heart,” Kemper said, as he referred to him as a “weak leader.”

Ouch. That’s harsh, but the truth hurts, Justin.


A leader who cowers in his “safe house” from the middle-class workers who just want “freedom” is not a strong or capable leader.

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