Justin Trudeau Just Took His Biggest BLOW Yet Against Freedom Truckers

Justin Trudeau Just Took His Biggest BLOW Yet Against Freedom Truckers

Justin Trudeau’s communist administration is now trying to freeze the 8 million+ dollars that people all across the world have been donating to the Freedom Truckers.


National Post reported that The Ontario government has moved to freeze $8 million going to the crippling trucker blockades in Windsor and Ottawa as local leaders continue to ask for help from all levels of government to end the protests.

Late Thursday, Premier Doug Ford’s government announced they had obtained a court order freezing the funds raised through GiveSendGo, an online fundraising platform that the truckers turned to when GoFundMe closed a previous effort. The GiveSendGo page indicated more than $8 million had been raised through the platform, but the protest convoy was also raising money through private transfers and through cryptocurrency.

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Taking away this money would undoubtedly cripple the entire movement and bring it to a quick end.

When this story hit the wire, many people got very nervous and very angry.

It was a total communist-style move from Trudeau.

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Viva Frei is a Canadian lawyer and here’s what he said about Justin’s latest Marxist move: “Imagine thinking the best way to end a grassroots movement is to freeze the $10.5 million raised through grassroots donations. Of course these are the same idiots who think a vax passport -for a vax which prevents neither carrying nor spreading- is the best way to fight the virus”


Well, it didn’t take long for US/Christian “crowd-funding” site “Give Send Go” to chime in, and they delivered Justin Trudeau his biggest blow yet, by telling him to take a hike.

“Give Send Go” says they don’t care what Trudeau’s admin says about “freezing” funds, they don’t abide by Canadian law.

They will release all the money to the Trucker’s Convoy, period and end of story.

Here’s their official statement.

This is the movement that just a couple of weeks ago, Justin Trudeau called a “fringe” movement.

Well, it doesn’t look so fringe anymore, does it? And this movement is now kicking Justin’s butt all over the place.

You can’t “squash” this raw and very real passion:

And it’s spreading all over the world:

Trudeau has a really big problem on his hands, and it will be interesting to see how this plays out.

Here’s what communist Biden is telling him to do:

It’s okay to BURN your country to the ground like BLM, but God forbid the middle-class peacefully protests, right?


But as of now, the Trucker movement is too big to try to stop. Justin either quietly or publicly caves or this will destroy him politically.

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