[VIDEO] Justin Trudeau Heckled in Parliament, While Conservative “Resistance” Leader Dazzles Everyone

[VIDEO] Justin Trudeau Heckled in Parliament, While Conservative “Resistance” Leader Dazzles Everyone

The tide is turning. And it’s turning against the globalists who’ve used COVID to unleash tyrannical power, sow division, and gain tremendous wealth for the elites.


The middle-class has had enough and they’re fighting back, like the Freedom Truckers in Canada, who are carrying the torch for everyone.

Countries all across Europe are now ending the COVID tyranny because the people have had enough with this flip-flopping political “junk science.”

Why in God’s name are they ruining people’s lives and mandating a vaccine that doesn’t stop the spread? Countless triple vaccinated people contracted COVID, including communist coward Justin Trudeau.

And speaking of Justin, he’s finally slithered out of hiding and spoke before Parliament, in a feeble attempt to defend his failed policies.

While Justin is desperately trying to cling to his globalist agenda, the Freedom Truckers – that small “fringe group” as he called them – has taken over the capital city of Ottawa and are refusing to leave until Justin removes his vaccine mandates.

And what they’re doing is working. The leader of Alberta just ended the mandates.

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Edmonton.CTTV reported that Alberta’s highly-controversial proof-of-vaccination system expires as the clock strikes midnight Wednesday, Premier Jason Kenney announced Tuesday amid accusations that he was playing politics with public health measures.

Rules that require students to wear masks in Alberta schools will end on Monday, and children under 12 won’t have to wear masks anywhere starting then.

Kenney said his “careful and prudent” plan, which was approved by Alberta’s COVID cabinet committee, lays out a path to “move on from a widespread pandemic response, to get our lives back to normal.”

The house of cards is falling all around Justin… and you can see the stress is getting to him.

And Justin is just digging himself into a bigger hole. The editor-in-chief of Rebel News had this to say about Trudeau:

So, it’s no wonder that Justin was heckled in Parliament. And while he was getting booed, Candice Bergen, the conservative, sparked like a new diamond.

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Here’s what Candice Bergen said in her tweet: “Will the Liberal government follow the science, end the mandates, and end the restrictions? ”



Here’s what people online are saying:

“Congratulations Candice Bergen. Finally someone earned the title Honorable.”

“Candice Bergen – thank you to be for the people, with the people. What a courage to stand up for the truth!”

“Can we just fine politicians who do not answer the question directly in question period? Maybe more would get done.”

“Candice Bergen Represents the Good People and She is an Inspiration to All of us. God Bless Her!”

“I gave this a “thumbs up” for Candice, not the PM who talks endlessly in circles, not answering questions, and providing no new information. Keep pressing him for answers. Thank you Candice.”

This guy needs his hearing checked he never listens or answers questions. He’s a slim ball. HOLD THE LINE! #WESTANDWITHTHETRUCKERS

“I love Candice Bergen. What a lady. And a great leader for the Conservatives.”

“Trudeau’s answer to every question… “Canadians have stepped up for each other and gotten vaccinated” It’s embarrassing that this is our PM”

“My God Trudeau is a cowardly sham” 

“Everyone is opening their eyes and Canada has spoken!!!! If you’re still asleep, please, wake up!” 

“I never seen such a graceful woman politician before. May God bless you Candice Bergen!”

“Seriously if he keeps this up between the fixed election, lock down’s, and poor healthcare. He’d better watch his neck. You have 100,000 people on your door refusing to leave. And if you arrest them all, the reality is the same amount are ready to make the trip to Ottawa and replace them. The whole country is united and has the right to freedom”

“You folks may actually have to overthrow this clown. Being stuck on “repeat”, unable to answer the simplest of questions, backed into a deep dark corner, is NOT a plan.”

One comment in there caught my eye… Looks like some Canadians believe Justin was re-elected in a “sham” election. Sounds like this could be a widespread problem. Makes you wonder how many “leaders” out there are actually legitimately elected by the people, doesn’t it?
Are they truly representing their people, or are these smoke screens and “political sideshows”?
It sounds like tinfoil hat stuff to some. To others, it looks and feels like a sad reality.
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