[VIDEO] Tucker Says Something Seems Very “Off” With Kamala’s Jan 6th Story

[VIDEO] Tucker Says Something Seems Very “Off” With Kamala’s Jan 6th Story

When the January 6th melee first played out, we were told that Kamala Harris was inside the Capital building.


And that story didn’t change until recently when Harris was suddenly ID’d as the Secret Service “protectee” listed on the official timeline.

The first revised story I can find, which now has Kamala at the DNC, appeared in Politico on January 6th, 2022. The one-year anniversary of the protest.

The DNC and RNC were the scenes of two supposed pipe bombs on January 6th.

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Here’s a blip from that Politico article:

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Then-Vice President-elect Kamala Harris was inside Democratic National Committee headquarters on Jan. 6, 2021, when a pipe bomb was discovered outside the building, according to four people familiar with her movements that day.

Capitol Police began investigating the pipe bomb at 1:07 p.m., according to an official Capitol Police timeline of events obtained by POLITICO. The timeline says that Capitol Police and the Secret Service evacuated an unnamed “protectee” at approximately 1:14 p.m, seven minutes later. The four people, among them a White House official and a former law enforcement official, confirmed that Harris was the Secret Service protectee identified in the timeline, which has circulated on Capitol Hill.

But Tucker Carlson has some questions about this “suspicious” update.

First, he wants to know why Kamala didn’t use her January 6th speech to reveal she was that close to a “bomb.”

Obviously, the cat was out of the bag, Politico had reported on it.

That would have been a very powerful statement to make, right? Especially a woman who compared 1/6 to 9/11 and Pearl Harbor.

But she didn’t say a word.

Here’s what Tucker said:

It would’ve been the perfect moment for Kamala Harris to tell us that she herself came within mere feet of a racist insurrectionist bomb. “They literally tried to kill me!” You can easily imagine Kamala Harris saying that. This is a person who puts herself at the center of every story, who invent stories in order to put herself at the center. This is the person who told us she was at a civil rights protest as a toddler. But she never mentioned that, that she was right near the bomb. In fact, she continued to hide that fact. It’s completely bizarre. What’s going on here?

Tucker then questioned the investigation into the “pipe bomber.” He’s perplexed why the FBI has yet to identify or arrest the suspect who planted the bombs.

Tucker – along with others – calls it “very strange.”


How is it that the greatest “investigative force” in the country (🙄) has no leads, even though the suspect was caught on camera? And what about the evidence left behind on the bomb? How has this not helped the FBI to arrest someone or at the very least name a person of interest?

Here’s what Tucker said:

“Weird. People who plant bombs are almost always caught, because there’s a lot of physical evidence. This physical evidence was in pristine condition,” Carlson said. “But this person hasn’t been caught. This person, an amateur wearing Nike sneakers, has confounded the entire FBI crime lab and eluded the largest manhunt in American history.”

Tucker concluded his delve into this bizarre turn-of-events by questioning the political motives behind the bombs, especially now that Kamala is in the mix.

Tucker wondered if a random Trump supporter would have some insider knowledge on where Kamala Harris was going that day. The FBI said there were no “coordinated” groups working on January 6th, so it’d have to be a random Trump supporter, right? That seems like a hard pill to swallow, given that her political buddies didn’t even know where she was.

Here’s what Tucker said:

It is fair to assume that if Kamala Harris hadn’t gone to the DNC when she went, the pipe bomb would not have been discovered just minutes before the insurrectionist breach at the Capitol. In other words, if Kamala Harris hadn’t been there, the bomb couldn’t have been the diversion that the Capitol Police Department said it was. It’s all pretty mysterious actually, and maybe the weirdest [thing] of all is that the FBI has only released 3 minutes of the video showing the person who planted the bomb. Why not release more tape?…Something is going on here, there’s no question about that, because the story doesn’t make any sense.


All along, the entire “pipe bomb” story has been a source of suspicion for many people. So many things don’t “add up.”

The FBI can hunt down some random granny who was walking through the Capitol with her flag and fanny pack, but they can’t find a literal “political bomber?”

This dangerous DOMESTIC BOMBER is still wandering the streets over a year later and everyone’s just all “meh.”

PHOTO: The FBI tweeted a photo and posted a reward for information leading to the location, arrest and conviction of the person, or persons, responsible for the suspected pipe bombs found in Washington, D.C., on Jan. 6, 2020.


But non-violent January 6th protesters are in solitary for over a year…

Yeah, Tucker is right, this doesn’t add up.

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