[VIDEO] Behind The Scenes Peek at Kari Lake Obliterating an Unsuspecting Liberal Reporter From Australia

[VIDEO] Behind The Scenes Peek at Kari Lake Obliterating an Unsuspecting Liberal Reporter From Australia

We got to see a “behind-the-scenes” look at Kari Lake absolutely obliterating an unsuspecting liberal reporter from Australia.


As you likely know, Kari is a former popular local journalist who is running for governor of Arizona – she is like the DeSantis of the “west.”

This woman is a firecracker, and she’s smooth and articulate to boot…it’s all that media training she’s had.

She’s savvy. 

So, when she sat down in her room to have a pow-wow with a liberal Aussie reporter, she was ready for his shenanigans.

And as expected, the Aussie tried to trip Kari up with a question about January 6th.

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Kari handled the question with such ease and delivered the perfect response… but then she took a step further and decided to put the reporter through a meat grinder, just for kicks.

This guy didn’t stand a chance, and honestly, I think he realized that pretty quick.

Nobody in the media will be able to stump a woman who made the “media” her career for eons and who knows how the liberal media operates first-hand.

This is a fun clip, I promise, you’ll be cheering for Kari the whole way through.


You can watch the video below:

This woman is a spitfire and a fighter. She is exactly what Arizona needs because that state runs very much to the “establishment” side.

Let’s not forget that AZ has given the GOP John McCain and Jeff Flake, and Doug Ducey, the current governor, is also a big RINO.


So, just imagine how much greater Arizona will be if there’s a “Trumpy” America First governor?

That state will soar off the charts.

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