[VIDEO] Watch Psaki’s Sidekick’s Facial Expression When Reporter Brings Up Durham Investigation

[VIDEO] Watch Psaki’s Sidekick’s Facial Expression When Reporter Brings Up Durham Investigation

Well, it looks like the White House is yet again dodging the questions that don’t suit their narrative.


During today’s presser, Psaki’s sidekick desperately avoided questions on the recent Durham bombshell that Hillary’s campaign spied on Trump.

Karine Jean-Pierre entire facial expression changed when a reporter asked about Durham and she said “can’t speak to that” until she was blue in the face.

She looks like she’s about to hurl.

MORE NEWS: [VIDEO] Trump’s Top Intelligence Official: Durham is Just Getting Started, Indictments Going Down

Watch the video:

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The Daily Caller reported that White House deputy press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre repeatedly dodged a reporter’s questions about a report that the Clinton campaign spied on former President Donald Trump Monday.

“Does the president have any concerns about a candidate for president using computer experts to infiltrate computer systems of competing candidates or even the president-elect for the goal of creating a narrative?” Fox News White House correspondent Jacqui Heinrich asked.

“That’s something I can’t speak to from this podium, so I refer you to the Department of Justice,” Jean-Pierre replied.

The reporter continued to press Jean-Pierre on the report, asking if monitoring internet traffic is spying. The deputy press secretary repeated that she “can’t speak to that report” and again referred her to the DOJ.

“Generally speaking, though, would monitoring internet traffic be—” Heinrich asked again.

“Jacqui, my answer is not going to change, I refer you to the Department of Justice,” Jean-Pierre repeated. “I can’t speak to that from here.”

They’re certainly getting less and less creative with their dodging these days.

Really makes you long for the days when Psaki said “circle back” on repeat, at least she sort of “acknowledged” stuff back in the old days.

It’s amazing when you think about it… this should be the biggest story on the planet — instead, the media is acting as if it’s a story about someone j-walking across the street.


This is a prime example of why people don’t trust the media or the government. They’re dishonest, and everyone knows it.

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