Healthy, 31-Year-Old Minnesota Fitness Trainer Dies in Her Sleep While Napping

Healthy, 31-Year-Old Minnesota Fitness Trainer Dies in Her Sleep While Napping

This is a really sad story.


A healthy and fit 31-year-old Minnesota mom and fitness trainer died in her sleep on January 18th.

She was taking a nap, and she never woke up.

Her friend tried to wake her, but sweet and beloved Kattie was gone.

Katie was vaccinated and had been possibly fighting off another bout with COVID. She wasn’t feeling well at the time of her death, friends and family report.

Her family is also saying that she died of some kind of new “heart issue,” because the family says nobody ever knew anything was ever “wrong” with her before.

So, this is a very sudden and completely shocking death.

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KARE 11 reported on what her friend Chris Kuker said when he went to awaken her: “When I went to check on her, she just didn’t wake up,” said Kuker, who discovered she had passed away a week ago Tuesday. He said she hadn’t been feeling well, along with suffering from heart conditions and a possible second bout with COVID-19.

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“She was vaccinated and had it (COVID) early on before vaccinations,” said her mother, Beth.

“Nobody ever suggested there was anything on the edge of being wrong,” said her father, Barry.

Her parents are now being comforted by the community.

“She wasn’t just a trainer, she connected with people and help them if they needed to be helped,” said Barry. “We’re very proud to know that she’s done that.”

Quick to tell a joke, the 31-year-old loved sports, adventures, and above all, her 7-year-old son, Nolan, with whom she shares with Kuker.


“We need him to remember who she was,” said Beth.

“She was sort of this candle that burned short, but really bright,” said Barry.

Katie’s loss is a heavy burden for her loved ones, but at the gym, it’s a weight her new family is willing to carry for them.

What’s so sad in all of this, is that Katie was a mom to a 7-year-old little boy.

To think that little boy has to grow up without his mom now is just heartbreaking.

I truly hope the family sorts this out and finds out why a healthy 31-year-old had “heart issues.” And let’s hope the professionals are honest and don’t just sweep this under the rug for “political” reasons.


That family and that little boy deserve to know the truth.

All of America does, as well.

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