[VIDEO] 30-Second Clip From LA Super Bowl is Final Nail in Elites’ Coffins

[VIDEO] 30-Second Clip From LA Super Bowl is Final Nail in Elites’ Coffins

If you ever doubted that the elite play by a different set of rules, then just take a look at this disgusting video from Sunday’s Super Bowl.


The Hollywood and athletic elites were out in full force at the LA Super Bowl and every last one of those snakes was maskless and fancy-free.

Meanwhile, these are the same jerks who are perched on their soapboxes, preaching and lecturing to all us lowly peasants about wearing masks and abiding by all the so-called “sCiEnCe” the left is hurling at us.

Absolute hypocrites.

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This is yet another example of “rules for thee and not for me” from the far-left commies.

Meanwhile, Monday at school, all the defenseless kids who are at nearly zero risk of COVID complications will be sitting in class suffocating in their masks.

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This is disgusting. 


Watch the video:

Users on Twitter were not shy about showing their disgust for these snobs:

“They are all holding their breath. Prove me wrong.”

“Dont forget all the workers there are wearing masks”

“The elites are rubbing it in your face.”

“And here we are for Super Bowl. But keep our weakest citizens with developing brains in masks. Yeah.”

“Everyone knows it’s not for the elite! Only for kids, truckers, you know people in the fly-over country.”

“The elites are laughing at you for following their rules. The kings and queens of today hate their subjects.”

And rumor has it that the stadium had a mask mandate in place for attendees.


But, of course, why would this apply to Hollywood celebs who are looking down at us peasants from their private suites?

If this stuff doesn’t piss you off, I don’t know what will…

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