[VIDEO] Tucker’s Guest Reveals Most Disturbing Part of Hillary’s “Spy Scandal” That Nobody’s Talking About Yet

[VIDEO] Tucker’s Guest Reveals Most Disturbing Part of Hillary’s “Spy Scandal” That Nobody’s Talking About Yet

Everyone is buzzing over the latest revelation from the Durham investigation involving Hillary’s campaign.


And while we’re all talking about how shocking it is that Hillary allegedly spied on Trump, there’s one big thing that everyone is overlooking.

There have been plenty of comparisons between what Hillary’s campaign did to Trump and Watergate.

But they’re not comparable at all.

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Author Lee Smith joined Tucker to explain the differences and point out something very serious, that nobody is discussing.

Lee Smith says Watergate didn’t use secure government communications like Hillary’s campaign did.

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And then when you consider the FISA warrants that were issued against the Trump campaign, which was done as a result of the infamous “dossier,” which was debunked, and funded in part by the Hillary campaign, you start to see a trend form.

But what everyone is missing is that the Hillary campaign allegedly breached the MOST secure government communications of all time when they spied on Trump.

Who gave them that authority, or helped them inside, because it’s difficult to do that on your own.


Watch the video:

These are facts that most will be hard-pressed to disagree with… even some on the left, whether or not they’d like to admit it.

But not everyone…

As it stands now, many in the fake news media are claiming that conservatives are getting it “all wrong.”

They say the Durham indictment doesn’t show Hillary’s campaign spied on anything.

Good Lord.


This is a new low and a desperate level of regime propaganda that we’ve yet to see.

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