[VIDEO] Man Wears MAGA Hat in Seattle to See What Happens…He’s SHOCKED at What Unfolded

[VIDEO] Man Wears MAGA Hat in Seattle to See What Happens…He’s SHOCKED at What Unfolded

We all know that Seattle, Washington is just swimming with liberals… It’s a soy bonanza.


So, that’s what makes this little social experiment so intriguing.

One brave young man decided to try something crazy… He did the unthinkable and wore a MAGA hat out in public in the heart of Seattle. His goal was to find out how long it would take for some “woke jerk” to say something to him about the hat.

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I told you he was brave…

Now, you’d think this poor guy would have been verbally abused within 2 seconds, right? Maybe pelted with eggs, or possibly tarred and feathered, but that’s not at all what happened.

Sure, he got some second-glances and shocked looks, but in the end, nearly 11-minutes later, something amazing happened…

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He got a “thumbs-up” from some random guy… and not only that, the guy was so happy to see him wearing the hat, that he walked over and shook his hand.

In Seattle... one of the most liberal cities in the country.


Pretty cool, right?

Watch the video:


Wearing a MAGA Hat in Seattle (Part 2) #MAGA #Trump

♬ original sound – Stacks Unpacks

It looked like that guy was almost relieved to see another Trump supporter in his city.


Perhaps there are a lot more “invisible” red hats floating around Seattle and other major liberal cities than we realize, eh?

I don’t know about you, but this restored my faith in my fellow Americans.

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