[VIDEO] Matt Gaetz Reveals What Really Happened in Final Meeting With Mike Pence Right Before Jan 6th

[VIDEO] Matt Gaetz Reveals What Really Happened in Final Meeting With Mike Pence Right Before Jan 6th

There was a meeting with Mike Pence just before January 6th.


Rep. Matt Gaetz was in that meeting. The goal of the meeting was to show Pence the proof of what went down on election day, in terms of the unlawful mail-in ballots and unconstitutional rule changes, etc., hoping he would SEE for himself why it was imperative that he send the electors back to the states for further review.

That was the goal, and Matt and the team did exactly that – they showed VP Pence the proof and argued their point.

But it didn’t work.

Matt says that after the evidence was shown to him, Pence looked “defeated.” He had that “George W. Bush” look in his eye – like the media and Dems had won, and it was best to just go along with their narrative and not “rock the boat.”

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Gaetz said when he walked away from that meeting he was deflated and disappointed.

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Everyone realized at that moment, Pence was not a fighter.

But maybe he was a “fighter,” just not for our side, right?


You can watch the video below:

This definitely answers a lot of questions and is the last piece that finishes the puzzle.

I always knew Pence was a namby-pamby, weak-kneed establishment stooge, so this doesn’t surprise me one bit.

But a lot of people out there really believed that Pence would stand up and fight for us. But he didn’t – not even when presented with what happened.

Really shows what a useless tool he is. Same as JEB! or any other GOP RINO.


And this guy actually thinks he can beat Trump and be “president”?

What planet is this RINO traitor living on?

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