[VIDEO] Megyn Kelly Shares Fiery Insider Prediction For CNN, “Mark My Words…”

[VIDEO] Megyn Kelly Shares Fiery Insider Prediction For CNN, “Mark My Words…”

Megyn Kelly appeared on her former Fox News colleague’s Newsmax Show, where she dropped a bomb about what’s coming for disgraced CNN.


Kelly told Eric Bolling there will be more shoes to drop… and I agree, I think the pink slips will be flying at America’s biggest fake news network.

If you read WayneDupree.com we’ve been telling you for eons now that the new bosses from “Discovery” want to take CNN back to their “real reporting” roots, from the Ted Turner days, and in order to do that, they’ll need to dump a lot of dead weight.

“I’ll tell you what — the biggest takeaway for me today — because there will be more shoes to drop. Mark my words,” Megyn stated. She then tried to go on, but Eric jumped in and wanted some follow-up on that big bomb she just dropped.

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“Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait, wait. Hold on, hold on,” host Eric Bolling interrupted. “Megyn Kelly, don’t drop that bomb without following that up.”

Eric asked Megyn if she had more nuggets to share on her doomsday prediction.

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“There’s nothing I can report to you now, but mark my words — there are more shoes to drop,” Kelly


She can’t “report” it now, because there’ are a lot of rumors flowing and circulating everywhere about who’ getting the ax over at CNN.

You can watch the video below (clip is set to start at the 4:41 mark):

My prediction is that Brian Stelter and Don Lemon will be the next to go.

Stelter is a complete clown, but more so, he was the “teacher’s pet” to Jeff Zucker. A lot of rumors out there claim Stelter was a “tattletale,” and a stool pigeon for Zuker, and now that he’s gone, Brian’s “safety net” is gone, too.

And we all know his horrific “ratings” aren’t going to “save” him.

As far as Don Lemon goes, let’s not forget that he’s facing down a very serious and credible sexual harassment lawsuit that’s getting ready to go to court.

Not to mention, his ratings are also in the toilet. He seems like more of a liability than anything else, especially for the new bosses who want to take CNN in a whole new direction.

I think if you look at Jake Tapper right now, you’re seeing him try to be more “tough and fair” in terms of reporting because he probably feels a giant target on his back after Zucker hired Chris Wallace.

He could find himself with a pink-slip, too.


Megyn is definitely onto something, and I for one am excited to see what she has to say when she can finally “report” what she’s hearing.

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