MI Rep Who Voted to Impeach Trump Twice, Just Landed in Hot Water Over Her New Selfie Photo

MI Rep Who Voted to Impeach Trump Twice, Just Landed in Hot Water Over Her New Selfie Photo

How out-of-touch and clueless are the privileged political elites?


They’re so clueless and so elitist that they don’t even realize how pompous they look right now.

They have no idea.


That’s how narcissistic and self-serving these ghouls are.

In the past ONE day, I have done three stories on privileged political elites having their “Let Them Eat Cake” moments with the local lowly peasants.

The first one was a photo of Stacey Abrams, mask-free, sitting in front of a group of young kids, all masked-up, and looking like abused hostages.

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Stacey is obese and at very high risk for COVID, and kids are not – yet they’re masked and she isn’t.


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No. It’s class warfare, right?

The next photo was of Obama, who is standing at the site of his newest seaside mansion – this latest mansion on the ocean is in Hawaii – and mask-free Barry looks annoyed and angry, as he stands there conversing with the lowly masked peasant workers.

More class warfare, right?

And now, we’ve got another elitist taking another one of these god-awful photos.

This time it’s the so-called “moderate Democrat” Elissa Slotkin from Michigan. She’s the woman who voted to impeach Trump in not one, but TWO sham impeachment trials.

She’s running for her congressional seat again, and she took another “Let Them Eat Cake” photo and she’s really proud of it.

Here’s Elissa below, all smiles and mask-free, while the sad and depressing-looking peasants in the background sit there all masked-up, looking like hostages.


The only smile you can see is on Elissa’s privileged face.

Elissa got an earful from folks online:

“Everyone masked except the Congresswoman. Masks are for the peasants, not the elite.”

“So, you’re the only person who deserves to have their smile seen?” 

“What makes you so COVID special, lady?” 

“I guess when you’re an elite COVID just ignore you, huh?” 

“Elissa why aren’t you afraid of COVID?”

“This is a really bad look. Where is YOUR mask?”

“Make sure the people beneath you wear masks right?”

“For everyone complaining she’s not wearing a mask don’t worry, she was holding her breath so disaster avoided”

“How long did you hold your breath for?!?!”

“Hey Elissa, did your mask fall off or something?” 

“Your political “team” is obviously not very bright or plugged in, because anybody that logged on to political Twitter at least once over the last 3 days saw the uproar over Stacey Abrams posing maskless among the masked. Why would they think posting this was a good idea?”

“Masks are for peasants even during a selfie”

“Where is your mask? As an obese person, you are at much higher risk.”

“This picture pretty much sums up how much we have fallen as a country”

“Everyone masked but the wealthy elite ruling class. Rules for thee, not for me.”

I honestly don’t know why people are still following these rules.

You see elites mocking you every single day, yet there you sit in your seat, covering your face.

What a bunch of mindless sheep.


This isn’t “science,” this is class warfare and mockery.

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