[VIDEO] Anti-Trump Actor Michael Rapaport Gets Beaned By a Snowball While Filming Another Rant

[VIDEO] Anti-Trump Actor Michael Rapaport Gets Beaned By a Snowball While Filming Another Rant

Anti-Trump actor Michael Rapaport made a name for himself – not in a good way – when President Trump was in office. He’d make these frothing-at-the-mouth rants about Trump and Trump supporters that were so over the top and crazy.


He would also go after Melania and Barron as well.

Like a real dirtbag.

I will say that since that time he has mellowed out a lot.

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Recently, he went viral for standing in a Rite Aid, shocked while filming a young guy shoplifting bags and bags worth of stuff while security did nothing.

Ironically, these are the progressive policies that he supports in action, so Michael didn’t get a lot of support from anybody.

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I get the feeling people are sick and tired of these preachy, windbag liberals, like Michael.

And recently, when Micael was filming another one of his “rants” on the streets of New York, he was interrupted by an annoyed New Yorker who beaned him in the head with a snowball and then

told him to “SHUT UP.”

Only in NYC…

Some people are saying this was “staged.”

I don’t know if that’s true, if it was, it’s silly because this makes Michael look foolish, but hey, who knows?


You can watch the video below:

That guy got in a really good shot, and you gotta wonder how big was that snowball he had? Must’ve been the size of a boulder.


Real or not, it was great seeing Michael get a giant snowman to the face.

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