Mike Lindell Just Pulled Biggest and Best Prank on Liberal Media… They Fell For It, Hook, Line, and Sinker

Mike Lindell Just Pulled Biggest and Best Prank on Liberal Media… They Fell For It, Hook, Line, and Sinker

Mike Lindell is having some fun trolling the heck out of the liberal media.


He pulled a fast one on The Daily Beast, who, as you know, are Trump-haters and RINOs, which make up the bulk of liberal media nowadays.

They’re just as bad, if not worse than progressives.

So, Mike decided it’d be fun to humiliate them and get a few laughs while he did it.

As you know, Mike vowed to get pillows to the Freedom Truckers in Ottawa, but sadly, he was denied entry.

And that’s where the fun starts…

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Lindell planted a story about his “Plan B” to get the pillows across the border.

He told The Daily Beast, that he would use a helicopter to “air-drop” the pillows into Canada.

Now, honestly, I thought this was a really bada** idea, and I wish he did it!

But, the story gets even funnier.

When asked how he would “drop” the pillows, Mike told The Daily Beast that he would attach “little parachutes” to each pillow.


And The Daily Beast bought it… hook, line, and sinker, and they actually printed the story.


Daily Beast writer Zachary Petrizzo is very gullible.

Here’s what The Daily Beast printed:

After his initial Tuesday shipment of MyPillow products was denied entry into Canada, Mike Lindell now has a backup plan to get free pillows to Canadian truckers: drop them from the sky via a helicopter. The pillow maven told The Daily Beast late Wednesday night that he intends to drop his pillows into Canada from a helicopter “with little parachutes” attached. “We need to get the MyPillows to the people!” he continued. The 2020 election dead-ender further made it a point to ensure The Daily Beast noted in this report that the pillows will have “little parachutes,” adding, “make sure you put that part in, or it could be dangerous.” Asked where exactly he intended to drop the pillows, he said, “I can not give the location out, and it is no joke! I just confirmed with them [the helicopter company], and yes, this is the plan. We have the helicopter confirmed, but we are moving the time up to 11 am.” The Daily Beast could not reach the Canada Border Services Agency for comment late Wednesday night.

After the article was published, the MyPillow team had a good laugh at the media’s expense. They sent out this email, calling out the successful prank.

It’s kind of scary how easy it is to pull the wool over the media’s eyes, right?

It just goes to show, they’re not looking for truth, just a sensational headline.


An organization like The Daily Beast has the resources to do follow-up work and check out a story and make sure it’s valid before they print it, but they didn’t do that… and they’re not the only ones. All the major left-wing “news” sources push non-stop fake news.

No wonder the public doesn’t trust the media… but it sure is fun mocking them.

Thanks, Mike, we needed a good laugh today!

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