[VIDEO] GOP TX Candidate Morgan Lutrell Looks Sweaty and Nervous Trying to Explain His “Friendship” With Kinzinger

[VIDEO] GOP TX Candidate Morgan Lutrell Looks Sweaty and Nervous Trying to Explain His “Friendship” With Kinzinger

Morgan Lutrell is the younger brother of Marcus Lutrell and he’s running for congress in Texas, District 8.


And right now, he’s having a lot of problems… and well he should, because he’s in neck-deep with Adam Kinzinger, who is quite possibly the worst RINO we’ve got, or at least tied with Liz Cheney for worst.

Lutrell came under fire for being “funded” by Kinzinger. Apparently, Kinzinger called his buddy Morgan up and asked him how his campaign was going. He then asked him how “money” was and offered to send him a nice fat check.

Morgan was thrilled and accepted the donation.

Now, Lutrell is feeling the heat because Adam Kinzinger is a traitor, and we shouldn’t elect ANYONE who Adam thinks is a “good candidate.”

I’m sorry, but that’s how toxic Kinzinger is.

Lutrell is now fending off the wolves who are coming after him over the traitorous Kinzinger money, and he looks like a nervous wreck as he’s trying to explain what happened.

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Morgan says he returned the money, but only after he was “told” by his campaign that it wasn’t good to be “politically” tied to Kinzinger.

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So, let me get this straight -a man running for a GOP seat in Texas is so out of the loop that he supposedly doesn’t know that Kinzinger is public enemy #1?

Adam was just censured by the RNC, for crying out loud.

He’s on the January 6th witch hunt committee, and he voted to impeach President Trump.

Kinzinger just vowed to tell his newborn baby how awful MAGA is…

Come on, man…

Has Morgan Lutrell been living under a rock or something?

Of course he hasn’t. 

Morgan knows exactly what’s going on, and it didn’t bother him to take Adam’s super PAC money because Morgan probably believes in the same type of establishment politics that Adam does.

Things really got dicey when Morgan tried explaining how he’s “friends” with Adam. He says he’s friends with him because he’s a Christian man.

That’s fine, and Mr. Lutrell can be friends with whomever he wants, but because of that close personal and political bond with Kinzinger, he should not represent District 8, or any district, for that matter.

Not now, not in these times where RINOs are working harder against Trump and his supporters than Democrats are.

You can watch the video below:

This gentleman, Christian Collins is America First and a God-loving man and he’s not a “friend” of Adam Kinzinger.


He’d be a much better choice.

We can’t win if we keep electing these undercover RINOs.

I understand that Morgan Lutrell is a vet, and we thank him very much for his service. Sincerely. His brother Marcus, too. Top-notch heroes, in my book.

But in this day and age of “TDS politics,” being a vet isn’t reason enough to get elected. You need to be full-blown America First to get MAGA’s vote, and MAGA makes up the majority of the Republican Party, so what MAGA says, goes.


To be saddled up and “friends” with a man who is on a one-man mission – working with Dems shoulder-to-shoulder – in order to crush MAGA, is an unthinkable move for a GOP candidate.

If Morgan didn’t know about Adam, shame on him. If Morgan knew, shame on him.

It’s a lose/lose situation for Morgan, politically.

But clearly, he’s not an “America First” guy, or Adam would’ve never offered him money. Don’t forget that.

Morgan got into bed and befriended the worst person on earth, politically speaking, and as a result, I don’t see how any Texan could support him.

Morgan would likely end up like Dan Crenshaw, but worse.

Thank him for his amazing service, and vote for someone else.

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