[VIDEO] MSNBC Looks VERY SAD That SDNY’s Case Against President Trump is Collapsing

[VIDEO] MSNBC Looks VERY SAD That SDNY’s Case Against President Trump is Collapsing

The walls were supposed to be “caving in” on President Trump again… what is this, like the 5000th time walls were supposedly crashing down?

I’ve lost track.


I gotta say though, I’ve never sweated any of this nonsense the left throws at President Trump. I always figure it’s hogwash, and patiently wait for it to flop… and honestly, I’m rarely disappointed. The only time I did sweat was 2020.

The left won that battle thanks to Ballot Harvesting and a “virus” that magically popped up at the most politically convenient time ever.

The latest “walls caving in” hoopla was over the Southern District of New York and their supposed “takedown” of Trump and his family. The libs were all-in on this one. This was the “biggie” that would destroy Trump and his entire family, and they were frothing at the mouth with delight.

But now, it looks like all of mouth-foam was for nothing; as the case against Trump is now in an ash heap.

Daily Mail reported that two prosecutors leading the Manhattan District Attorney’s criminal tax fraud investigation into Donald Trump and his family business have abruptly resigned, it was reported on Wednesday.

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Attorneys Carey R. Dunne and Mark F. Pomerantz stepped down from the case after new Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg expressed doubts over moving forward with a case against Trump, the New York Times reported.

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The investigation, which runs parallel to a tax fraud probe into the Trump Organization by New York Attorney General Letitia James, is looking at whether the former president’s family business misrepresented the value of its assets and allowed certain executives to scuttle taxes by compensating them with off-the-books perks.

Sources close to the investigation said it had ground to a month-long halt in the middle of prosecutors’ presentation of evidence to a grand jury.

Bragg’s team has also reportedly not questioned any witnesses for more than a month, after postponing a plan to grill at least one person absent the DA’s go-ahead.

The two top prosecutors stepping down raising serious questions over the future of the case Trump has referred to as a ‘witch hunt’. Former Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Bromwich said it means the probe is ‘dead’. It also moves the focus to James’ ongoing civil case after a judge ruled last week that Trump and his children Don Jr. and Ivanka must testify.

And the folks over at MSNBC couldn’t look or sound sadder about it if they tried…


You can watch the video below:

President Trump has been in the public eye for decades. If there was something serious in his closet, they would have found it by now.


The man is as straight of an arrow as you can get in the corrupt business world. Is he perfect? No. But he’s done nothing “horrific,” because if he did, Hillary wouldn’t have staged a fake “spy game” to try to take him down in 2016.

Better luck next time, libs.

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