Disturbing Photo Emerges of Angry-Looking Obama in Hawaii

Disturbing Photo Emerges of Angry-Looking Obama in Hawaii

There’s a disturbing photo of Obama that has emerged.


He’s in Hawaii, and he’s overseeing the building of his latest beachfront mansion.

It’s ironic, the guy who’s such a peddler of “Climate Change” fear-porn doesn’t seem to be the least bit concerned about those “rising oceans” does he?

The photo is getting a lot of attention for a couple of reasons.

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The first is how ANGRY Obama looks. He’s not just “scowling” in the picture, he looks like he’s seething with anger, which is odd since we’re told Obama is such an affable, even-keeled guy.

And the other reason the photo has gone viral is because yet again, we have the “COVID class warfare” on full display.

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Here we see the elite Obama, mask-free, standing there, angry and annoyed, talking to the masked-up blue-collar peasants.

Are they required to be masked up in his presence?

This has been a common and running theme throughout this entire COVID mess… the elites do whatever they want, while the dirty peasants are forced to follow the rules and give up everything.


Just yesterday we saw the same “COVID class warfare” photo from Stacey Abrams, who sat mask-free on the floor with a classroom of masked-up kids behind her looking like abused little hostages.

And the ironic thing is that the kids are at such low risk for COVID, and obese Stacey is super high risk.

Obama’s photo has that same vibe.

Conservative Pundit Benny Johnson had this to say about the photo: “This is a photo of a maskless Obama today in Hawaii inspecting the construction of his oceanfront mansion while all the blue-collar, working-class construction laborers are FORCED to wear masks in his presence. PLEASE DO NOT share this photo. Obama would not like it AT ALL.”

Here’s what people online are saying:

“Oceanfront mansion…. But don’t forget about Climate change!!!!!!”

“This is why we HATE him and the other elites” 

“Come on. How much more of this hypocrisy and elitism?”

“what an enormous, arrogant turd . . . . .”

“Rules for thee and not for me”

“People, it’s important that *THEY* be heard and seen, while the untermensch that they’re forced to come into contact with remain an undifferentiated mass of faceless, voiceless drones. Because Science! you ignorant anti-vaxxer.”

“AND climate change is so SERIOUS that Obama is building a house right on that endangered rising sea level ocean!”

“Never listen to someone’s rules or standards if they don’t follow them themselves.”

“Love how these psychopaths scream about climate change and rising water levels while buying property right on the beach. F**king liars.”

“Must be on the 1st page of the Dems playbook! Let’s make everyone else suffer except ourselves! #scumbags”

“ANOTHER beachfront house, Barry?”


COVID has been great for the elites of the world. They’re building seaside mansions and we can’t find diapers on the shelves.

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