Olympian Post’s Meal Photo That Could Give Michelle Obama’s School Lunches a Run for Their Money

Olympian Post’s Meal Photo That Could Give Michelle Obama’s School Lunches a Run for Their Money

We all knew the Olympic Games in China would be rough, but who knew it was going to be this bad?


There have been plenty of controversies surrounding the games, and another one has just emerged over the treatment of Olympians who are currently in quarantine for testing positive for COVID while in Beijing.

Russian athlete Valeria Vasnetsova started a firestorm when she posted a photo on social media of a meal she was given, which Vasnetsova claims is “inedible” and is questioning if the Chinese are trying to “fix” the game by starving recovering athletes so they have no hope of competing, even when they test negative.

Here’s the tweet which shows a photo of the meal she was served.

I gotta say, that looks pretty gross.

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Here’s a closeup of her meal photo. What the heck is that white thing in the top-right corner?

That meal is pretty unappetizing.

From the grayish pasta paired and withered potatoes and skimpy charred meat and bones and that unidentifiable “white” substance in the top corner, it’s easy to understand why these poor athletes can’t choke this stuff down.


I mean, who’s in charge of these meals? Michelle Obama?

Because they have a strong resemblance to those tragic school lunches from the Obama era.

This has gotta be one of the most depressing Olympic Games in recent memory, right?

I am not watching it, and I hope you’re not either. There’s no reason we should support a country that helped destroy our elections.


From the sad “prison-like” meals to reporters being dragged away by Chinese authorities, live on air, this Olympics is just an absolute mess.

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