Ottawa’s Police Chief Just Made a Huge Tactical Mistake

Ottawa’s Police Chief Just Made a Huge Tactical Mistake

There’s a lot going on right now in Ottawa.


As you know Justin Trudeau went full “commie,” and unleashed the “Emergencies Act” upon his own people, taking control of their bank accounts and roughing them up in the streets.

And now, the new Ottawa police chief has made his debut, and he looks like a real psychopath.

But besides his bizarre “seething anger,” he’s also making some huge, costly mistakes.

Our friends at Red State, who’ve provided excellent coverage of the situation unfolding in Ottawa, caught something that nobody else has.

Here’s what they pointed out in a compelling piece.

As RedState has chronicled, numerous videos of mistreatment and violence perpetrated by police on peaceful protesters have emerged. Perhaps the most stunning example was the trampling of a disabled woman by officers on horseback. In response, the police lied, claiming a bike had been thrown at the horses. That was quickly debunked, showing how valuable it is that people are videoing what’s happening.

On Saturday, Ottawa’s chief of police gave a press conference where he dutifully played the role authoritarians assigned to him. As my colleague Duke reported in his write-up, Steve Bell threatened protesters and reporters alike, showing that “[i]n these types of scenarios, evil always shows its face.”

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Here’s what Mr. Bell said: “Ottawa Police: “If you are involved in this protest, we will actively look to identify you and follow up with financial sections and criminal charges. Absolutely. This investigation will go on for months to come.”

Watch this video and see if you can spot the massive tactical mistake Ottawa’s police chief made…

Did you catch it? Maybe you did, but most people didn’t.

Here’s what Red State cleverly observed:

And just like that, the Ottawa Police chief made a major tactical error.

That’s not to say riding horses through a crowd wasn’t incredibly stupid, but this is a much bigger mistake in the grand scheme of things. In one arrogant attempt to sound tough for his globalist bosses (and I mean that quite literally, given Deputy PM Chrystia Freeland moonlights as a board member for the World Economic Forum), Bell has now given every single protester a reason to hold the line. After all, if the Canadian government is going to track them down and punish them anyway, then what’s the point of leaving? cat


What a catch.

And it’s so true, why on earth would you leave and go back to “normal,” when the top-cop just told you nothing will ever be normal? You might as well stay and fight, and I think that’s the message the freedom protesters are sending to the tyrants.

And did you see how seething with anger that police chief was?

You can see the hate and contempt written all over his tight, angry face.

But in sharp contrast, the Canadian protesters are happy warriors.

This was Ottawa last night (footage from @lincolnmjay):

And there are more convoys breaking out in British Columbia, and massive freedom protests in Calgary.

They’re fired up after watching the communist Trudeau smack-down, taking place in Ottawa.

So, what’s Justin’s next move?


So far, he’s handled this peaceful protest like Xi or Kim Jong-un, and his tactics and the tactics of his goon squad are backfiring.

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