[VIDEO] Ottawa Protester Kneel in Prayer As Riot Police Surround Them

[VIDEO] Ottawa Protester Kneel in Prayer As Riot Police Surround Them

What’s happening right now in Ottawa is a human rights travesty.


A supposed “loving liberal leader” has gone full “communist” and is unleashing some of the most unthinkable and tyrannical measures against his own working-class people.

Justin Trudeau is a dictator.

He’s used the “Emergencies Act” against his own people, freezing bank accounts at will, threatening their pets and kids, and now, unleashing riot police against peaceful protesters.

It’s one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever seen a so-called “leader” do to his own people. I really don’t know how Justin Trudeau survives this politically. Even people who’ve agreed with him in the past, think he’s gone way too far.

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The truckers were not violent.

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My God, we all sat around for MONTHS watching BLM burn cities to the ground during the “Summer of Love,” where over 20 people were killed.

And while we’re at it, this is how Justin submits to BLM.

And speaking of taking a knee… Those “evil/violent” Ottawa protesters knelt in prayer, as riot police surrounded them.

You can watch the video below:

God Bless these heroes.

They truly are an inspiration for freedom and righteousness… and they don’t deserve what’s happening to them.


Yesterday, Justin’s police goon squad trampled innocent peaceful protesters with their horses:

According to the left, you can only protest if you believe in “progressive causes.”

Anything else is labeled “racist,” and “Nazi” and “violent.”

They also abused a right-wing reporter:

Only “regime-approved” protests are allowed.


All others will be defunded, de-banked, and squashed with police horses, teargas, and batons.

North Korea and China would be proud of Justin.

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