[VIDEO] Police Do the Unexpected When Anti-Mandate Protesters Take to the Streets in Paris

[VIDEO] Police Do the Unexpected When Anti-Mandate Protesters Take to the Streets in Paris

It seems like every fifteen minutes there’s a new video of an epic anti-mandate protest.


They’re happening in Canada, the U.S., and Europe in huge numbers, and Paris, France is definitely making waves with their demonstrations.

Particularly this one, where police did the unexpected and actually marched with the protesters.

Take notes Ottawa police — who are acting like brownshirts right now.

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Watch the video:

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Government scumbags on a power trip.

However, there’s some hope. We definitely need to pay more attention to France.


Macron has enacted some extremely far-reaching policies, ones that would make Trudeau blush, and the French are actually using some similar tactics to the Canadian’s in strategically blocking traffic in protest of these mandates.

From NPR

BEARDSLEY: Well, the latest is different convoys from around France, known as le convoi de la liberte, are trying to get into Paris to converge on the capital. The word is they want to block the Champs Elysees. That’s Paris’s iconic boulevard. It’s hard to know how many vehicles, but police are out in force. There are more than 7,000 officers. There are roadblocks, water cannons and anti-riot vehicles. They look like big, blue tanks. I saw some of them on the streets last night already.

And according to French TV, which I’m watching live, a couple of hundred vehicles have been intercepted on the Ring Road, but others have gotten through. There’s a camping trailer going through with a big sign on the back that says liberte for our children. And these convoys are communicating by walkie-talkie apps and Facebook groups. And they’re being told to remove all their outward signs so they can get into the city. And after blocking Paris today, they want to move on to Brussels on Monday, where they’ve also been banned, I add.

It’s amazing to see the firestorm that Canada has ignited in all these different countries.


This is the storm the globalists have been fearing and unfortunately for them, it’s not going anywhere.

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