One Conservative Writer Says Paul Ryan’s Back in The Game With a Plan to Defeat Trump

One Conservative Writer Says Paul Ryan’s Back in The Game With a Plan to Defeat Trump

There are a lot of conservative writers I really like. We have a great crop of clever, smart, funny writers.


One of those people goes by the name “Sundance” and he’s the writer/owner of arguably one of the best conservative sites on the internet called Conservative Treehouse.

Conservative Treehouse kinda has that “Zero Hedge” vibe to it. But Sundance does a superb job of analyzing every political situation and getting into the nitty-gritty layers to see what’s “really going on.” And I don’t mean that in a conspiratory way, I mean that in a very analytical “smart” way. And if you follow his work you’ll know he’s usually spot-on with his theories and predictions.

So, when I saw a tweet from him talking about Paul Ryan and Fox News, I was instantly interested, and as I read it I thought to myself, “damn, it makes sense, why didn’t I think of this?”

His observation seems so obvious, yet, it never dawned on me.

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As you likely know by now Pence recently came out with a “rebuke” against President Trump, who back in 2020, had called on Pence to send the electors back to the states for proper review.

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That’s what President Trump wanted Pence to do. But as with everything that happens nowadays, that simple and constitutional request got twisted into some warped claim that Trump wanted Pence to “STOP” (steal) the election.


And to Trump’s credit, we’re now seeing these ballot boxes and the never-ending flow of mail-in ballots being ruled “unconstitutional” by courts. And that was Trump’s point back then, when it could have mattered to the American people.

But Pence is playing the globalist media game and acting as if Trump asked him to do the “unthinkable” and the impossible and he simply couldn’t do it.

Trust me, Pence knows this is BS.

But the RINOS are setting a narrative and bringing all of this up now because of the January 6th committee. Everything they do is to validate that committee and give “air time” to the January 6 witch hunt. And yes, the RINOs want President Trump stopped even more than the Dems do.

So, when Fox and Friends Sunday started BASHING President Trump and siding with VP Pence, best-selling author Brigitte Gabriel appeared shocked.

Here’s what she said in a tweet: “Fox News Sunday is attacking President Trump right now. They’re taking sides with Pence.”

But conservative writer Sundance wasn’t shocked.

As a matter of fact, it sounded like he was expecting it to happen as if it were the most logical next move from the establishment – and it probably was.


Here’s what he said in response: “You say that as if Fox (Paul Ryan) did not coordinate with the Club, for Pence to deliver those remarks, for this expressed intent and purpose. Artful politics is: “the purposeful creation of an illusion of options for the audience.” ~ Sundance”

Pence is Paul Ryan’s guy, so it all makes sense. Paul Ryan is arguably one of the most powerful establishment RINOs in the country right now, because he has the power of the biggest media giant pushing his narrative, and trust me when I say, his narrative is 100 percent anti-Trump and anti-America First.

So, what Sundance said makes perfect sense.

Paul Ryan is “teeing” up Pence for his anchors at Fox. Now, with strategic narratives in place, anchors can easily side with Pence, treat him as the “adult” in the room, and treat Trump like the unhinged teenager.

That’s the message and they’ll keep pushing it all the way to 2024.

And you’re probably thinking, “Mike Pence will win the presidency, so who cares?!” And you’re right he won’t win. But he and the RINOs can still do a lot of damage to President Trump, especially as part of a bigger plan.


Don’t rule them out, or dismiss what they can do to torch America First plans.

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