Photo of Jen Psaki With Russian Bigwigs, Wearing Her Pink “Commie” Hat Goes Viral Again

Photo of Jen Psaki With Russian Bigwigs, Wearing Her Pink “Commie” Hat Goes Viral Again

Well, this is a photo that “circled back” at the worse time possible for Jen Psaki.


We all remember the photo of Psaki posing with Russian officials, wearing her pink, fuzzy Soviet Union cap, right?

Well, it’s making the rounds again, and what perfect timing… for us.

Republican strategist Matt Wolking dug up his old tweet from way back in November 2020 and shared it again.

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Here’s what he said: “Here’s Jen Psaki hugging Russia’s Foreign Minister and Russia’s chief foreign affairs propagandist while wearing a pink hammer and sickle hat”

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This is one humdinger of a photo, especially now.

But we all know it’s the Dems who have the “coziest” relationship with Russia.

Of course, liberals were out in full-force defending Psaki.

Here’s what they are saying:


“Not sure if your eyes are working but mine are and there is no hammer nor sickle on that hat.”

“1. Publicity photos aren’t illegal or immoral. 2. Citation needed on “hammer and sickle”. I can’t see the pattern inside the star.”

“The hat had just been gifted to her. It’s so rich that the right is trying to push this as a “thing”. Shows you how desperate they’ve become as their ship sinks with Trump.”

“That hat is a normal touristy thing to buy. An AF buddy of mine bought me one (not pink) when he was in Russia. Much ado about nothing.”

“What’s the point? That’s not hugging. And Trump has done similar with Kim. This is a stretch.”

The optics here are not ideal, especially given the current political atmosphere and the way the left has demonized the Russians to the point of absurdity, yet the liberals still have the gall to defend this photo.


Can you imagine the outrage if Trump or someone in his family were caught wearing something like this while posing with Russian officials?

They’d lose their last marble…

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