U.K’s Queen Elizabeth Tests Positive For COVID

U.K’s Queen Elizabeth Tests Positive For COVID

Officials at Buckingham Palace have confirmed that the Queen has tested positive for Covid. The king is suffering from “minor cold-like symptoms,” according to the palace, but is expected to continue doing “light duties” at Windsor during the next week.

This was followed by the statement, which said, “She will continue to get medical attention and will follow all of the required guidelines.”

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When the Prince of Wales tested positive last week, the Queen, who is 95, was in communication with her eldest son and heir, the Prince of Wales.

It is believed that a number of people at Windsor Castle, where the Queen resides, have tested positive for the virus.

The announcement comes only weeks after the Queen became the world’s longest-reigning queen when she celebrated her Platinum Jubilee of 70 years on February 6, becoming the world’s longest reigning monarch.

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On the eve of her Diamond Jubilee, she held her first significant public engagement in more than three months, meeting with representatives from charitable organizations at Sandringham House.

Her first vaccination was administered in January 2021, and it is assumed that she had all of her subsequent vaccinations after that date.

Since spending a night in hospital for medical tests in October of last year, according to BBC royal correspondent Nicholas Witchell, the Queen has “been taking things a little more gently.”

The Queen held a virtual meeting with two new ambassadors to the United Kingdom on Tuesday, marking her first official engagement since becoming acquainted with Prince Charles.

The Duchess of Cornwall, the wife of Prince Charles, tested positive for the virus in the previous few weeks, just days after her husband.

It was the first time either the duchess or Prince Charles had caught Covid. It was the second time for both of them.

Every member of the Royal Family has a personal physician, and the Queen’s is Sir Huw Thomas, who is a consultant at St Mary’s Hospital in London as well as a professor of gastrointestinal genetics at Imperial College London.

He is known as the “chief of the medical household,” which is a section of the Royal Household that is responsible for the health of the family members.



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