Actor Randy Quaid Tagged Trudeau in Scathing Viral Tweet, He’s Got a Stern Warning For Him, Too…

Actor Randy Quaid Tagged Trudeau in Scathing Viral Tweet, He’s Got a Stern Warning For Him, Too…

Justin Trudeau shocked the world yesterday when, for the first time, he invoked the Emergencies Act.

This is an “act” that’s in place to save Canada at the direst times when the very government is threatened and could go down in a puff of smoke.


What did he use the act for?

Freedom Truckers. 

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That’s right, Justin is using the Emergencies Act to take control of the banks and seize the nearly 10 million dollars people from all over the world have donated to the Truckers.

It’s an unthinkable move to unleash on your own peaceful people.

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This is by far one of the most brazen communist moves we’ve ever seen from a western leader… and while he may have scored a victory for now with this “tyrannical” move against his own hard-working middle-class people, he won’t win the “war.”

This move here is so desperate and so drastic that the “ACLU” of Canada has come out and very strongly rebuked Justin.


Everyone is horrified and shocked at this communist dictator move, including actor Randy Quaid, who has a message for Justin.

Randy tagged Justin in a scathing tweet, calling him out and issuing him a warning after what he did:

Here’s what he said: “When @JustinTrudeau says I’m freezing your bank account to a Canadian he is really saying you are going to freeze to death and your children will die of hypothermia and starvation, YOU ARE OUT OF CONTROL FIDEL TRUDEAU AND AMERICA SEES YOU!”

And if you don’t think Justin Trudeau is a communist, watch this.

He tells us exactly who he is.

We should believe him:


I agree with Randy, but the problem is, the American government really isn’t much better.


We’re an inch or two away from becoming “Canada” and using banks as a political weapon against peaceful protesters.

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