[VIDEO] “Red-Pilled” Actor Russell Brand Imitating Brian Stelter is Something You’ve Gotta See to Believe

[VIDEO] “Red-Pilled” Actor Russell Brand Imitating Brian Stelter is Something You’ve Gotta See to Believe

There is a lot to be said about actors and their ability to get into someone’s skin and play them as a “role.”


And nowhere is that more on display than with newly red-pilled actor Russell Brand and his spot-on impersonation of CNN’s biggest clown, Brian Stelter.

I saw this and thought it was so good and I am not the only one, it’s getting a lot of attention online because Russell absolutely nails Brian’s over-the-top “foppish” persona perfectly.

As you likely know by now, Russell has swallowed quite a few “red-pills” lately, thanks to the Russia collusion scam.

The Wrap reported that Russell Brand, an actor typically known for his more liberal political opinions, is starting to lean heavily into right-wing conspiracies on his YouTube channel, leaving fans flummoxed and upset.


On Tuesday, one of Brand’s recent YouTube videos, titled “Trump was RIGHT About Clinton & Russia Collusion!!” started going viral. In it, he claims there is “serious evidence” that Hillary Clinton worked with Russia to create this “conspiracy.”

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Within hours, fans flooded Twitter with their disappointment in Brand, noting how the actor’s “serious evidence” seems to stem from just one source. Others simply avoided the video altogether, given what they already know about the controversial comedian.

But it’s not just Russia, many people are seeing the light thanks to the COVID “class warfare” sham we’ve all watched unfold over the past year. The elites are telling everyone to be scared to death of the “pandemic” while pushing the Big Pharma narrative, living the good life, and looking footloose and fear-free.

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And that brings us to Russell’s imitation of Stelter, who in this clip is railing against Joe Rogan for his so-called “disinformation.” Brian is also very upset that more people trust Rogan than fake news CNN.

Russell really captures the little bald spud perfectly.


Here’s what people online are saying:

“Crazy that some people on the left like Russell are waking up to all of this.”

“Never thought I would say this but.., I’m starting to like Russell Brand!”

“It still blows my mind thay Stetler is only 36.”

“I’ve started watching Russell these last few weeks and he’s been brilliant.”

“This is magical”

“Man, I love how these liberals are waking up. It’s amazing to see” 

But you can’t talk about Stelter impersonations without mentioning the KING, Mark Dice, who’s been doing a great impersonation of Stelter for years now.

Take a look:

Brian was so offended by Dice’s impersonations that he blocked him on Twitter.


Let’s see if Brian does the same to Russell Brand next.

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