Many People Are Saying This Satellite Image is Proof China Shouldn’t Have Hosted Olympics

Many People Are Saying This Satellite Image is Proof China Shouldn’t Have Hosted Olympics

The decision to play the 2022 Winter Olympic games in China has been an ongoing and very passionate debate for a long time.


And whatever your feelings on the matter, the historically awful ratings alone are a sign that this was a bad idea from the Olympic committee.

Many people are upset that China is hosting because of COVID origins, others are angered over the fact that China is a communist country accused of unspeakable evils, and now we’re seeing satellite images that are more “game-focused” that many say is proof-positive that China should have never been picked to host these games.

The image shows the snow for the Winter Games is completely fake, thanks to a NASA satellite image that was released this week.

Dr. Robert Rhode shared the image on Twitter. Here’s what he said:  “I knew that this year’s Winter Olympics courses were being staged entirely on artificial snow, but this satellite image from last week really drives the point home. Dry and bare everywhere except the competition venues.”

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Dr. Rhode goes on to add this after liberals started screaming “Climate Change” when they saw the photo:

“Some of the discussion here has turned towards global warming, but that’s not really the main issue.

This site in Yanqing is having an unusually dry year, but even in a normal year, they wouldn’t get enough snow to support skiing without adding large amounts of artificial snow.”

In other words, this was NEVER a proper venue for the Winter Games, to begin with.

Western Journal reported that the images, captured on Jan. 28, make the fake snow rather conspicuous in a region that NASA’s website notes typically only gets about 1.3 inches of snow in February.


Time noted that 100 percent artificial snow is a first for the Olympics, although previous Games in New York state; Sochi, Russia; and Pyeongchang, South Korea, have bolstered the natural stuff with fake supplies in the past.

According to Time, Chinese President Xi Jinping vowed to hold a “green, inclusive, open and corruption-free” Games. It appears every part of that pledge is bitterly ironic.

There are allegations of sexism, unfair treatment by judges and horror stories from athletes stuck in Chinese quarantines, and there’s really nothing “green” about wasting a bunch of water to make snow when the Games could have simply been granted to a location where there is actual, natural snow.

Perhaps we’ve got to give the Chinese credit for being “open” — if only because they weren’t afraid to host events right in the middle of the vast, colorless expanse of urban Beijing.

Look at this nightmare:


Much like Joe Biden’s so-called “presidency,” it looks like the Winter Olympics are also a big fake smoke and mirrors show that’s covering up a lot of ugliness underneath.

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