[VIDEO] Shaq Just Broke The Internet With His Thoughts On The Vaccine

[VIDEO] Shaq Just Broke The Internet With His Thoughts On The Vaccine

I think Joe Rogan is giving a lot of famous people the “okay” to speak out with common sense.


He opened the floodgates, and many people are pouring through it.

Yesterday we did a piece about “The Rock” showing support for Joe Rogan.

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Look, there are a lot of people out there who still believe in common sense, but they’re scared to say anything because of the “mob” who will pile on and push to cancel the person.

The “mob” is a minority. There’s not a lot of them in comparison to the rest of us – but they’re loud and they can easily sway big corporate entities with their cancel culture, and many people just want to avoid that so they keep quiet.

But where is that getting us? It’s only making the small “mob” stronger.

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But like I said earlier, Joe Rogan has made it easier for people to speak out and a new celebrity has just jumped into the fray.

It’s Shaq, and as you can imagine, he has the most “common sense” take ever about the vaccine.

Yes, Shaw encourages everyone to be safe and take care of themselves and their family, but you shouldn’t be “forced” to take something you don’t want to take.

“Shaq comes out against vaccine mandates on his podcast. I have gained so much respect for many different people in public positions who have had the courage to stand up for individual freedoms despite all the pressures against doing so.”

You can watch the video below:

Here’s what people online are saying:

“Yes. Thank you, Shaq and God Bless” 

“I’ve never got an answer to a simple question. If the vaccine works so well and you take it, why does it matter if anyone else takes it?”

So much respect for @SHAQ he always stands behind his beliefs and speaks his mind even when it will ruffle feathers. This isn’t the first time he has proven it.”

“Shaq gets it.. you’re out our damn mind if you don’t consider mandates forcing a vaccine”

“I love this! Shaq not backing down!”


“See how simple it is to make a statement against mandates?”



Shaq really “gets it” and we appreciate him and his voice right now.

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