Stephen Miller Creates Brilliant “Form Letter” to Empower Parents Against Marxism in Schools

Stephen Miller Creates Brilliant “Form Letter” to Empower Parents Against Marxism in Schools

Stephen Miller has yet again outsmarted liberals.


And he’s doing what he does best – he’s arming conservatives with the tools they need to fight the left.

And in this case, the communist school systems.

In an absolutely brilliant move, he’s armed parents with the legal tools to review the curriculum at the schools their children are attending and even gives them the ability to opt-out of it.

And he did it all with a brilliant “form letter.”

Amazing move, Stephen.

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This is a huge blow to the far-left CRT curriculum and if these tools Miller has proposed are implemented en mass, it could spell the end for critical race theory.

Fox News reported that a nonprofit group led by former Trump policy adviser Stephen Miller launched a toolkit Wednesday aimed at helping parents assert their rights in reviewing their child’s school curriculum.

The new guide provided by America First Legal (AFL) highlights provisions in the Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment of 1978 (PPRA) that gives parents the right to inspect all learning materials at schools that receive federal funding.

“Part of the problem is that people don’t know about this law,” Miller told Fox News Digital in an interview. “They don’t know about their rights enshrined in federal statute, and that’s because teachers’ unions, the schools, the administrators, and teachers themselves don’t want parents to know their rights. And so that’s where we come in.”


“The purpose of this endeavor from America First Legal is to let parents know what their current rights are under federal law – the kind of thing that groups like the ACLU should be doing but aren’t doing because they have fallen prey to a political agenda. They’re no longer in the business of defending civil rights and civil liberties,” he said.

According to AFL, the PPRA gives parents the right to inspect “any instructional material” used as part of a school’s education curriculum for the student, and the school is not obliged to provide access to the information unless it is requested. It also said that under the PPRA, parents have the right to review and opt-out of certain surveys and studies that ask students for personal information like religious and political leanings.

This is exactly how you beat these liberals at their own political games.


Now that parents have the law on their side, they can work smarter, not harder, to safeguard their children’s education.

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