There’s Something About Dems New Leaked “Internal Polling” That’s Very Suspicious

There’s Something About Dems New Leaked “Internal Polling” That’s Very Suspicious

We all know the polls we see on television are fake.


They over-sample, and phrase questions in such a way to get the exact responses they want. Polls are a lot like “sCiEnCe,” you can pay a researcher to come up with any finding you want or need to push your agenda or prove your so-called “facts.”

Public polls are great for media, they get a lot of clicks and ratings and move the news cycle along.

Polls are great for politicians, they use the bad ones to fundraise and the good ones to pump up the base.

So, if these public polls are fluff, how does a politician really truly know where the people stand on issues and how they’re truly fairing?

Well, they have what’s called “internal polling,” where they don’t use trick questions or pad the numbers. It’s bare-bones, raw truth and those polls drive a party in one direction over another, or have them doing a major about-face on issues.

Like this:

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The internal polls are king.

And now, we’ve just seen a leaked internal poll from the Dems.

This leaked polling is suspicious, though.

Not because I think it’s fake – I don’t – I believe it’s accurate.

What’s suspicious is the “leaked” part… I’ll explain why after I show you the results – they’re horrific, by the way, you can see why Dems are so freaked out.

Politico is the one who got their hands on the “leaked” polls.

Democrats’ own research shows that some battleground voters think the party is “preachy,” “judgmental” and “focused on culture wars,” according to documents obtained by POLITICO.

And the party’s House campaign arm had a stark warning for Democrats: Unless they more forcefully confront the GOP’s “alarmingly potent” culture war attacks, from critical race theory to defunding the police, they risk losing significant ground to Republicans in the midterms.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is recommending a new strategy to endangered members and their teams, hoping to blunt the kinds of GOP attacks that nearly erased their majority last election and remain a huge risk ahead of November. In presentations over the past two weeks, party officials and operatives used polling and focus group findings to argue Democrats can’t simply ignore the attacks, particularly when they’re playing at a disadvantage. A generic ballot of swing districts from late January showed Democrats trailing Republicans by 4 points, according to the polling.

And that Politico piece plays into this Axios piece, which slams The Squad, who are the ones responsible for the “Defund the Police,” all the “Green” nonsense, and most of the culture war battles that are dragging Dems down… and that is the “suspicious” part.

I believe this was a Dem establishment hit against The Squad. The left knows in order for them to win at anything; they need to tame the kook commies. They don’t want to get rid of them, they need their vote, but they want to shrink their power and presence.


Take a look at this doozy from Axios:

The hard-left politics of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) and the so-called “Squad,” once a dominant theme for vast numbers of elected Democrats, is backfiring big-time on the party in power, top Democrats tell us.

The push to defund the police, rename schools and tear down statues has created a significant obstacle to Democrats keeping control of the House, the Senate and the party’s overall image.

“It’s what we’ve been screaming about for a year,” said Matt Bennett, c0-founder of center-left Third Way, which launched Shield PAC to defend moderate Democrats.

“It’s a huge problem.”

The latest sign of the backlash was the landslide (70%+) recall this week of three San Francisco school board members, who were criticized for prioritizing issues like the renaming of 44 public schools — including ones honoring George Washington and Abraham Lincoln — over a return to in-person classes.

Other factors like an abrupt admissions change to a prestigious high school were at play (all politics is local).
But the most liberal city in the most liberal state decided that liberal activists had gone too far.
It’s part of a barrage of evidence that the progressive activism of the Squad pushed the party’s image way left of where most voters are — even most Democratic voters.

Rep. Josh Gottheimer (D-N.J.), co-chair of the bipartisan Problem Solvers Caucus, told Axios: “What I’m hearing at home — and what I’m focused on — are commonsense, bipartisan solutions — from tackling grocery and gas prices, to cutting taxes and fixing our infrastructure, to investing in law enforcement and fighting crime.”

Aides to several Squad members declined immediate comment.

Well, of course The Squad declined to comment. They’re all sitting around in a room realizing that the establishment wing of the party just took a huge swipe at them and this is the first sign the establishment is ready to squash the Squad’s power for good.

I would say establishment Dems “leaked” that insider poll to Politico, showing the voters how harmful the radical left’s “agenda” is and trying to “scare” them into taking sides against AOC and her radical comrades. And then Axios followed up with a big ol’ hit piece on The Squad, to seal the deal.

This is a coordinated effort from establishment Dems to take power away from The Squad.


And the timing couldn’t be better for someone like Chuck Schumer, who expects a challenge for his Senate seat from AOC.

Things are only going to get more interesting as we get closer to the mid-terms. Buckle up.

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