How Could Stacey Abrams Think THIS PIC Was a “Good Idea”? Ted Cruz Let Her Know, It Wasn’t…

How Could Stacey Abrams Think THIS PIC Was a “Good Idea”? Ted Cruz Let Her Know, It Wasn’t…

I don’t know what some of these political elites are thinking when they pose for certain “COVID-era” pictures.


There’s a definite perception out there that COVID is “class warfare.” COVID is like the Titanic and the little guy (you and me) are trying to stay afloat in “steerage,” while the elites are living the good life in first-class. The champagne is flowing for the privileged liberal class.

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You see signs of this everywhere. The same elites who are telling us to fear the virus and mask-up, and lockdown, are the same ones who are attending posh bashes, and events mask-free, while all the servants in the background are masked-up, looking like smelly, second-class peasants.

How is this “science”?

It’s not.

This is class warfare, plain and simple.

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And we have yet another even more disturbing example of it, and it involves Stacey Abrams.

There’s a photo of Stacey Abrams and some school kids making its way across the internet.

In the photo, you see Stacey sitting mask-free with a group of masked-up little kids, who look like abused hostages, behind her.

The irony of this photo is that the masked kids are at a tiny risk from COVID, while the mask-free obese adult in the photo is at high risk.


Conservative pundit Benny Johnson shared the photo and said to Stacey, “Evil. Disqualifying. Drop out.”

But it was Ted Cruz who really shined a light on Stacey’s disgusting PR photo with what he said which again ties into that whole “class warfare” aspect of COVID.

Here’s what Ted said: “Rules for thee and not for me.”


Here’s what people online are saying about the image:

“More fake, hypocritical fear mongering for control, Stacey Abrams” 

“No mask and she is obese. Not a healthy role model.”

“One picture speaks a thousand words.”

“That is a very sad picture.”

Absolutely unconscionable! Where are the parents? How can they not see this as Tyranny! Wouldn’t want to miss a good photo opportunity. And @tedcruz where is the legislation you have introduced? Where is the republican party?”

“Absolutely disgusting. Child abusers”

“When you think you’re the governor I guess you think you can do anything you want”


This photo is disturbing beyond belief, and the really disgusting part is that people like Stacey have no clue, or if they do, they just don’t care what the lowly peasants think.

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