Watch: Ted Cruz Catches Something About “Teachers Union Boss” and Her In-Studio MSNBC Interview

Watch: Ted Cruz Catches Something About “Teachers Union Boss” and Her In-Studio MSNBC Interview

We have a theme happening here, folks. And it’s been going on throughout this entire “pandemic.”


The theme is this:

“Rules For Thee, But Not For Me” 

Look at this short clip, it really sums up the “class warfare” that has been going on with COVID:

There’s no denying that the elites who are telling us to be scared and who are implementing these COVID restrictions are not the least bit scared, and refuse to follow their own rules and regulations.

Why is that?

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If they were truly scared, someone like Stacey Abrams, who is very high-risk for serious COVID complications because of her size would be wrapped up like a mummy in masks. After all, that’s what she is pushing for kids, who are at practically zero risk.

But she’s not. She’s mask-free and having a blast.

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And it can’t be because she’s “vaccinated,” because we’re watching hordes of vaccinated people catching COVID, right?

And speaking of the children, we have yet another insanely hypocritical “anti-science” moment to share with you, thanks to Ted Cruz.

Teacher’s Union boss Randy Weingarten appeared on MSNBC for an in-studio interview.

Now, keep in mind, this is the elderly woman who is feverishly working to mask every kid in the country – she is at high risk for COVID because of her age, yet here she sits inside a studio, mask-free, chatting about masking up your kids.

Are you sick of this elite double standard yet?


Here’s what Ted said: “Notice how the teachers union boss is unmasked in an indoor TV studio while talking about continuing to force masks on kids.”

You can watch the video below:

Ted’s right. This is all hogwash. 

Here’s what people online had to say about this latest display of COVID class warfare:

“The peasants must cover their faces around an elitist. The elitist, in their environment, must at all times feel elite mocking the lepers wearing masks in photo opportunities to re-fuel their narcissistic supply source.”

“We must dismantle the #TEACHers unions or GET YOUR KIDS OUT OF PUBLIC SCHOOLS…”

“Isn’t is interesting: she demands masks for kids but don’t wear one herself indoor with strangers…”

“Free choice for masks. Leaders stopped wearing them so take their lead if you want.”

“The villain of this atrocity is this woman who uses children as a prop in her power games with no regard for kids or their parents, she puts herself, her Union and Democrat party politics above the interests of the kids who as a teacher she should nurture and protect.”

“We should not listen to this power hungry elite.”

“Lord help us forgive us for giving psychopaths like Randi any power. We owe our children an apology.”

We have countless examples of Democrat elites living their lives completely normal while telling all of us to live in fear.


The question is – why are so many people still listening to these charlatans, especially as so many countries in Europe are now lifting all their restrictions.

Do they have some “different science” than we do?

None of this makes any sense because it’s all turned into a big political circus.

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