[VIDEO] Ottawa Judge Banned “Honking” So The Freedom Truckers Just Got Very Creative

[VIDEO] Ottawa Judge Banned “Honking” So The Freedom Truckers Just Got Very Creative

The liberal elites look and sound like a bunch of fuddy-duddy parents, don’t they?


They’re confiscating gasoline from Truckers, passing laws that truckers can’t honk. It’s just all so “stuff-shirt” and establishment.

“You’re in time-out, young man!” 

Well, they can try to pass all the goofy and “Mad Dad” laws they want, but the Truckers won’t be silenced.

They will find ways around rules and beat the establishment elites at every turn.

And that’s exactly what they did after an Ottawa judge ruled truckers can’t “honk.”

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The truckers will follow rules – they’re not in Ottawa to cause violence or hurt people… but they will find workarounds and get creative to beat the elites at their own game.

And that’s what they did here…, and we love it!

You can watch the video below:

The globalist elites are doing all they can to beat down the middle-class truckers, and they’re failing at every turn.


What they don’t get is that you can’t squash a grassroots movement of patriots – that’s the same reason they can’t squash MAGA.

It’s real.

It’s not funded by Soros or a bunch of America-hating Marxists.


And the same goes for the Freedom Truckers. These people have righteous passion and are fighting for their lives. That’s impossible energy to “kill” with your elitist agenda.

And that’s why the left continues to fail and looks like petty jerks with these pathetic moves.

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