The Walls Are Now Closing in On Justin Trudeau and His “Emergencies Act”

The Walls Are Now Closing in On Justin Trudeau and His “Emergencies Act”

Trudeau has enacted some of the harshest policies in Canadian history and as a result, the people are pushing back big time.


But it’s not just regular citizens who are lashing out.

The walls are closing in on Justin now, thanks to a Canadian Premier who just unleashed a lawsuit against Trudeau for his overuse of the Emergencies Act.

And what is a Premier you ask?

A Premier is like a governor here in America — they’re the head government official of a province or territory.

It’s about time someone held this guy’s feet to the fire.

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The Edmonton Sun reported that Alberta Premier Jason Kenney and his UCP government are so disgusted by the federal Liberals’ imposition of the Emergencies Act to end the truckers’ blockade of downtown Ottawa that they will file a legal challenge in Federal Court in Ottawa early next week to end Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s arbitrary and high-handed action.

In an exclusive interview with Postmedia, Kenney said the use of Canada’s most powerful law was “unjustified in the circumstances,” an “overreach,” a violation of due process and “an intrusion into provincial jurisdiction.”

As a consequence, lawyers representing the Alberta government will be asking judges not to overturn the act, but rather to suspend its use in the current situation.


The premier doesn’t want anyone to misunderstand his motives. “The situation in Ottawa is serious. Law and order has to be restored.” Protesters cannot be allowed to blockade the core of any Canadian city, much less our capital, Kenney explained, no matter what their cause.

“But the Emergencies Act was designed to come into effect at the failure of the state,” at a time when it was possible our democratic institutions might fall. “However, there is no insurrection or coup,” Kenney said pointedly.

This is exactly right. As everyone knows, Justin overstepped his bounds, big time.

This is fantastic to see! It’s about time Canadian officials started pushing back on tyrannical Trudeau.


Trudeau needs to be yanked off his high horse and hopefully, this is the first of many lawsuits issued against this madman.

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