[VIDEO] Something Magical Happens When Trump’s Name is Announced During Disney’s “Hall of Presidents” Ride 

[VIDEO] Something Magical Happens When Trump’s Name is Announced During Disney’s “Hall of Presidents” Ride 

When I saw this video clip, I couldn’t type fast enough to get it to you, because I know you’ll enjoy it.


We see big and little signs everywhere of how popular President Trump is and how unpopular Joe Biden is… and when you put these big and little signs together a really clear picture forms: the guy who supposedly won 81-million historic votes with the “biggest political movement” of all time, has no real support, and the guy who supposedly “lost” the election and is a  so-called “domestic terrorist” has more support than ever.

That’s the truth.

And at a time in this country when “truth” is hard to come by, thanks to smoke and mirrors and a lot of propaganda, these big and little signs tell the real story.

So, when I was perusing the internet, looking for interesting things to share with you, I found a “little sign” of truth, and I know you’ll appreciate and enjoy it.

I’ll set it up for you…

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You know that attraction at Walt Disney World called “Hall of Presidents,” right?

Here’s a description from Wikipedia:

The Hall of Presidents is an attraction located in Liberty Square at the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. The attraction is a multi-media presentation featuring Audio-Animatronic figures of all 45 individuals who have served as President of the United States.

Well, recently, during that show, when the host called out President Trump’s name, the cheers from the crowd were so loud that the cast member has to stop in the middle of the show and remind Guests not to interrupt the show.

Ya gotta love it.


You can watch the video below:

@martysanty2 Reply to @hunter.flute Well he just got there lol🤣😅 #president #uspresident #biden #presidentbiden #trump #presidenttrump #bernie #berniesanders #usa #sarcastic #greatpresident #fyp ♬ original sound – Reymart Santiago

This is how much the country truly loves President Trump.

And why wouldn’t they?

He is the outsider, who was fighting against the establishment and the globalists for the American people.


What’s not to love?

Mean tweets?

Give me a break.

Right now, we’ve got a dementia-riddled buffoon in the White House who yells at the American people regularly – and the only reason he “yells” and doesn’t tweet, is because he’s so far gone in his mind that he couldn’t figure out how to use Twitter if he tried.

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