[VIDEO] Well, Trump Just Sealed Lindsey Graham’s Political Fate With Three-Words

[VIDEO] Well, Trump Just Sealed Lindsey Graham’s Political Fate With Three-Words

Lindsey Graham is a fraud.


He’s the go-to guy for Joe Biden to get all his judicial picks shoved through. He rubber-stamps most of them and has even given the “okay” to Biden’s SCOTUS pick, and we don’t even know who the hell it is yet.

And his latest move regarding January 6th political prisoners is even more outlandish.

When President Trump said he’d be open to giving pardons to January 6th political prisoners who deserve it, Graham clapped back and said that was a mistake and the prisoners should be punished.

Lindsey is parroting and pushing left-wing Jan 6 talking points. 

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Well, President Trump has just responded to Lindsey, and it’s clear that he’s 100 percent onto Lindsey’s game.

He just doomed Lindsey with these three little words:

“He’s a RINO.”

You can watch the video below:

There’s no recovering from that.


Lindsey has shown his true colors enough. He might have been great helping with the Kavanaugh nomination, but that’s been it.

All he does now is show up on Hannity and bloviate and spew out worthless soundbites.

He has done NOTHING to help the America First movement, and that’s because he doesn’t believe in the America First movement.


Graham is a bigger “all talk/no action” sham than Trey Gowdy ever was, and that’s saying a lot.

President Trump is right. Lindsey Graham is a RINO and should be treated as one.

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