[VIDEO] Trump Supporter Creates Best 22-Second “President’s Day” Tribute For Trump

[VIDEO] Trump Supporter Creates Best 22-Second “President’s Day” Tribute For Trump

Well, today it’s “President’s Day,” and since we don’t have an official “president” at the moment, one clever Trump supporter came up with a way to celebrate the one president who everyone knows and loves.


 So, while Joe Biden is busy getting “81 million “Happy President’s Day” wishes from all those legal voters who supposedly cast a ballot for him, we’ll be over here enjoying these creative well-wishes for President Trump.

I’ve seen quite a few of these “Trump President’s Day” clips online, but I really liked this one for a couple of reasons…

One, because Trump is dancing, and I love seeing Trump dance.

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And two, because of the song… it’s the “Hold On I’m Coming” song that Trump has been playing at his rallies recently… sending all of his supporters a cryptic message of hope.

So, based on all that, I thought this was the perfect one to share with you guys.

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I hope you enjoy it!


You can watch the video below:

Here’s what people online had to say:

“Happy Presidents’ Day Mr President!”

“Ok, now this made my day!”

“I hope the real president and the fake one sees this LOL” 

“I wonder how many people made Joe Biden creative clips like this? He’s the most popular president of our lifetime right?” 

“The People’s President!”

“I love this. We still have someone to celebrate on President’s Day!” 

“Screw the deep state and China for taking this man away from the people who love him” 

“This is awesome, thank you for making it”


Happy President’s Day, President Trump!

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