Tiger Woods And President Trump Just Got Into Business Together and Liberals Will Lose Their Minds

Tiger Woods And President Trump Just Got Into Business Together and Liberals Will Lose Their Minds

Well, if liberals are looking for something else to lose their minds over, I have the perfect thing.


It involves President Trump, which we know sends them into crazy orbit, and Tiger Woods, the greatest golfer of all time…

The two powerhouses are joining together in a huge business venture.

It’s a match made in heaven, actually.

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Essentially Sports reported that Tiger Woods is a man of many talents. Other than being the greatest golfer of all time, he is also an excellent entrepreneur. The golfer has proved his ability to become a successful businessman since he has built up an empire. He is in business with many popular entrepreneurs, including the former POTUS Donald Trump. Woods is designing a multi-million-worth golf club in Dubai for Trump.

TGR is a multi-brand enterprise that comprises Woods’ different endeavors, including TGR Designs, TGR Foundation, TGR Live, and The Woods Jupiter. The TGR Foundation is a charitable organization, while TGR Live is an event production company. The TGR Woods Jupiter is an upscale sports restaurant chain.

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Woods’ TGR Design is designing the new golf course for the Trump World Golf Club in Dubai. The golf club would be the former President’s second golf club in the country. The first is the Trump International Golf Club. Trump has partnered up with Hussain Sajwani, a billionaire who owns the Damac properties, to build his golf clubs in the middle-eastern country.



President Trump has a lot going on for 2022.


This new resort is expected to open this year. He’s got Truth Social launching and of course, the mid-terms are coming up.

This is shaping up to be a busy, but very productive year for President Trump.

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