President Trump Just Unleashed His First Gold Medal “Troll” On His New Social Media Site “Truth”

President Trump Just Unleashed His First Gold Medal “Troll” On His New Social Media Site “Truth”

President Trump’s new social media site “Truth” is open.

Well, it’s open for VIPs right now.

A few lucky, hand-picked influencers get to experiment with the new site in its “beta-testing” mode.


Your own Wayne Dupree is part of the Truth Social VIP Beta Team and is using the site right now!

And I don’t think he’d mind me sharing with you one of his first “Truths” that he posted – that’s the word for a post.

They’re called “Truths” and when you “retweet” it’s called a “rethruth.”

Pretty clever, eh?

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Here’s what Wayne said (notice his “truth” was “retruthed” by CEO Devin Nunes):

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I love what Wayne said, and I believe he’s right. I think Truth will be great for all of us.

And speaking of Wayne and Truth, Reuters actually interviewed him about Truth and here’s what Wayne said:


And you gotta know President Trump is having a blast right now.

It’s been so long since he’s been on social media… and it looks like he and his team are up to their old trolling tricks.

But it’s all in good fun, right?

President Trump was nice enough to save the name “Jack” for his old buddy and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey – the guy who booted him off Twitter.

Brilliant! 🤣🤣🤣


Isn’t that nice of President Trump? He’s looking out for Dorsey, once Twitter collapses and turns into the next “MySpace.”

People got a real kick out of the funny prank.

Here’s what they said online:

“This is why people love him”

“Oh snap that’s brutal”

“Man, clever. Our president is always so damn clever!!”

“Leave it to Trump. He never disappoints LOL” 

“Oh that’s next level savagery right there”

“You don’t know how badly I needed that laugh right now, thanks, Trump!” 

“Aww.. it’s so nice of him to save Jack a seat LOL LOL” 

“President Trump…Still… *’winning’*”

“God, I love that man!! Can’t wait to see him online again!!” 


It’s great to see President Trump back — even when he’s in “beta version” he’s still pure GOLD.

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